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  1. aratman

    (MBBO 4 Class 2)- Vance

    I started to build a bike out of a Mongoose Motomag frame but with forks and a larger front wheel it looked too out of wack. Like many of the home built chopper bikes from the 70s the Pedals were way too high because of the fork rake. It would have been a pedal up hill and hold on proposition. I...
  2. aratman

    Small paint room

    I have about 8 coats of paint on my wifes bicycle trying to get the dust out of the auto paint, I would like to be able to do the job once and be done with it so I think I am going to set up a small paint room for future projects. I think it will be 6x8 ft on an outside wall for venting. 2...
  3. aratman

    Ole 98

    I have decided to build a themed bike for my favorite NCAA football team the Michigan Wolverines. Like anything I googled Michigan bike and this came up: To each their own but to me I believe I have found the cause of the last several crappy years. I wanted it to look a lot more like this:
  4. aratman

    1978 Team Rampar

    So I found this at a bike swap meet yesterday, I believe it to by a BMX products built team Rampar. Serial number says it chromoly and built in Chatsworth CA, USA. Got home and the wife says unless I prefer sleeping with bike I had to let it go. It was like when your a kid and you find a dog...
  5. aratman

    Sears Spyder build

    Here is a before of my Spyders:
  6. aratman

    Hello from Spokane

    My name is Don, I live in Spokane WA. This site has fueled my new hobby of bike building. I am currently building a vintage Schwinn Stingray and a 1979 Roger Decoster. So when my wife leaves me when I spend all my money on the perfect Mongoose gold neck it is all your fault.