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  1. Rustinkerer

    1st FF in a year, 50s Schwinn ballooner!

    Haven't brought anything home since last fall's Eden show, and a trade with Pedal Junky. Browsing craigslist last week, spied a killer deal, picked up the phone, left a message. Didn't get a call back, figured it was long gone. But, been checking the bikes section since, and, whaddya know, there...
  2. Rustinkerer

    Huffy Premier

    Stopped by Walmart for a few things. Moseyed over to the bike rack, and saw what I assume is a new model. It has 700C WHITEWALL tires, and solid rear fender skirts. Priced at $99! Discuss. -Adam
  3. Rustinkerer

    So, I Googled "rusty bike"....

    And THREE of the results are MY BIKES! :blush: -Adam
  4. Rustinkerer

    Fall Finds

    First, the 59 Columbia/Goodyear I got in a trade from Pedal Junky! Next, three ladies from the Oct. Eden Swap, a 50 Hawthorne, 63ish Schwinn fiesta, and a JC Higgins Flightliner, with S-6 rims and a Sturmey 3 speed coaster! They were at prices I couldn't refuse! -Adam :113:
  5. Rustinkerer

    Turbo Volvo farm tractor!

    Saw this today, impressive!! Did not expect tractor tire burnouts and donuts!!! -Adam
  6. Rustinkerer


    I've had somewhere north of 100 bikes for many years now. And since the kids were born, they've sat untouched and unridden in the basement. So, it's time to find the bulk of my collection a new home. I'll be going through them all this week, and taking new pics on Saturday, and plan to post it...
  7. Rustinkerer

    Old & Rat bike article in May Ol Skool Rodz

    I was browsing Barnes & Noble last night, and the issue caught my eye. Apparently one of the eds was bit by the bike bug!
  8. Rustinkerer

    My new ride...

    We went to Toys R Us today, to get some xmas ideas, and found this on sale. "MUST HAVE!!!!" Not a bike, but plenty ratty, just look at dude's head! :mrgreen: -Adam
  9. Rustinkerer

    Firebolt on Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles!

    So, typical low key saturday morning, watching toons with my family. I was surprised to see a vintage bike, and very accurately drawn! Even got the tank lights right, plus an added center headlight. Good times! -Adam
  10. Rustinkerer

    I Had Haunted Pedals!

    Last friday night, Ms. Tinker & I were watching The Dead Files. And chatting a bit about how negative energy can become attached to a place, or an object. And I said boy, it'd really stink if one of my bikes had bad mojo, and has been causing most of our bad luck! That kind of tripped a switch...
  11. Rustinkerer

    Winter Time Blues

    It was in the 60s here today! :mrgreen: Also, living 350+ miles west of my old place, it doesn't get dark nearly as early. But, remembering NJ winters in the 80s, going out to the garage wasn't likely, and one can only do so much in the basement! -Adam
  12. Rustinkerer

    1935 Hawthorne!

    Not exceptionally fresh, had it about a month, but just got around to taking pics! I was doing a job, replacing a shower floor in an early 60s ranch. the owner was a neat old guy, bought the place new, fought in WWII and Korea! I noticed the bike out of the corner of my eye, sitting in the...
  13. Rustinkerer handlebar trophies on facebook

    Saw this on their page, couldn't figure out how to share it with the RRB fb page! Handlebars as hunting trophies. Is that Shelby Airflo set on the right? 8) -Adam
  14. Rustinkerer

    Only have a picture of it - unknown -

    The chainring is a Snyder, so it could be a Rollfast or other Snyder badge. -Adam
  15. Rustinkerer

    BACK! To the future-er... 1981

    Saw a story on Yahoo I think, someone bought the rights to DeLorean. and is making new DeLoreans! And they're electric powered, and much faster than the awful original v6 powered duds. Cost? Only $95k... :roll: -Adam
  16. Rustinkerer

    Holiday Hardware

    So, I put up some icicle lights, and they're all scrunched up in the boxes. And they didn't want to straighten out. Came up with a solution, had some heavy nuts & washers, which took care of about 10 feet. Bought three more boxes, but was still 12 short! :x Plan B, grabbed a few seat clamps out...
  17. Rustinkerer

    Low rider

    That pic's been making the rounds for a long time! :lol: I had a concept of a 26" version, but with a long, graceful curve to the rear stays, instead of a welded on chunk! He'd better tie down that brake arm too! -Adam
  18. Rustinkerer

    66 Tall Coppertone!

    All the painted parts anyway! It must have been a nice bike when it was whole! $100 wasn't cheap for it, but finding a decent coppertone anything isn't easy! I know I have a relatively nice matching seat, somewhere! Look for the build up for this.....maybe next year sometime! :lol: -Adam
  19. Rustinkerer

    $1 '61 Traveler

    Not quite fresh, had for a few weeks. A 61 Schwinn Traveler, won on ebay for $1! Of course, the shipping was $50, but still not a bad deal imo. Has a rear fender from a 70s "something else", the holes don't come close to lining up. Only missing the starburst head badge otherwise. -Adam
  20. Rustinkerer

    5 bar and AMF frames

    Haven't seen much out there lately. Ebay especially has been pretty barren besides the endless repeating ads!! BUT, over the last month or so, two scores. The big 'un, a Monark 5 bar frame! Secondly, a chrome AMF frame from the early 60s. I have a tank for that one. *Note*, these are the...