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  1. Markm

    Coast King

  2. Markm

    cool video!!

    not me but brings back memories! ... re=related
  3. Markm

    Starjet Super Deluxe

    cleaned it up a little... before: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=45138 so far, added tubes and got the tires to not rub...
  4. Markm

    Pudgy Penguin

    '81 20" cruiser frame/fork. 20"X3" rear.FUN,FUN,FUN!!!!
  5. Markm

    Sears 5 speed Muscle 24"

    picked this up from mybike1 (Jerry) today. Wheelin and dealin and swappin parts and bike storys!!! Had a blast!!! :D :D Just started cleaning it up, lookin good so far..
  6. Markm

    Huffy Galaxie

    Was given this awhile back. New tires,seat and bars and a good cleaning. found some lightbulbs and they work!!!
  7. Markm

    Starjet Super Deluxe

    Got this from my brothers brother-in-law. $10.00! Pulled the nasty tires off and threw these on. No air in 'em yet(or tubes :mrgreen: ) just hopin theyll fit under the fenders!
  8. Markm

    plastic wheel covers...

    Having a problem installing them. One side ends up wavy...any trick to these?????? Thanks in advance, Mark
  9. Markm


    ...... ... re=related
  10. Markm


    Had a yard sale today and I put out a 70's mens Speedster for 40, a '64 ladies traveler for 40 and 20" girls Wallyworld for 15 . The wife said I should put 1 or 2 customs out to draw folks in. So I put the Militant out with a 150.00 tag on it, thinking noone would spend that at a yardsale. Well...
  11. Markm

    so unfair

    My Dad had developed a bloodclot in his leg after a clogged corroted arterie surgery. Tonight they told us he has Pancreatic Cancer and that it has spread to his Liver. He looks just as healthy as ever, but he's really not. Outlook is not good.
  12. Markm

    chomp,chomp... ... grec_index
  13. Markm

    uh-oh, sign of the times

    Got a memo today that the hospital I work at is eliminating 112 jobs between now and Monday... :| :|
  14. Markm

    Copake Auction time ... =1&lang=En
  15. Markm


    Due to circumstances beyond my control, I may be moving soon. I doubt Ill have internet for a while so just wanted to thank EVERYONE for everything. This site has gotten me through some tough times in the past and I'll miss checking in daily. Mark
  16. Markm

    solid wheelchair tire

    Anybody ever run one on a regular rim? Will it "slip"?
  17. Markm

    '61RustRats ride

    Helpin out with pics... :mrgreen:
  18. Markm


    :D :mrgreen: :D ... re=related
  19. Markm

    these were cool... ... 9A&cad=rja I remember having one as a child...wish I still had it!! :mrgreen:
  20. Markm

    christmas story comes home

    this looks pretty neat.