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  1. 62Higgins

    Hey Missouri Rockers

    Please give me the low down on Shaman's Harvest. I just recently discovered them on Youtube and love their sound. I think they are on the verge of the big time. I am impatiently waiting for two CD's I got of Amazon. \m/ \m/ 62H
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    My Somewhat Local Bike Shop

    Wow, what is the name of the shop? My son and I have to go see that when we come up for our next FBM-GHC event. Scott
  3. 62Higgins

    Panasonic DX 2000..and DX 3000 Pictures

    Nice score(s).I love the yellow and black one. I am looking for something similar for a flatbar conversion project/R&D bike. Can I get directions to your dump pleas?
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    Motorized bar stool or motorized Radio Flyer Wagon. :idea:
  5. 62Higgins

    Adult Sting-Ray questions

    Dr. T, sorry I never followed up on this one. The canti posts are part of that frame, so they mount just like on any MTB equipped with v brakes or canti's.
  6. 62Higgins

    Stuck stem wedge

    Can you drive it out from the bottom side of the fork? A brass drift of decent length works well and doesn't bust stuff up because it is relatively soft. Or a stem bolt you can stand to part with might be able to be threaded in from the bottom and then you can drive on that.
  7. 62Higgins

    Adult Sting-Ray questions

    Here is mine. 7 speed, v brakes, euro cartridge BB.
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    "if they only made women with an automatic trim option. ahem." LOL I would check that box on the option list right after "mute button."
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    Triple tree for 20"?

    The legs can typically be cut to length to get the ride height you want. I took about 4 inches out of each leg on this one. It started out like this. I used a large tubing/pipe cutter to make the cuts, so they were nice and square. Any marring of the finish was hidden by the upper triple...
  11. 62Higgins

    1 1/8" Aheadset fork options

    Get the machined aluminum reducers to make it 1" and then use a threaded 1" headset. It should be pretty straight forward once you find the reducers.
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    new find

    Cool color combo, reminds me of an Ande's Candy.
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    Stuck Seat Post

    I think I read on Sheldon Browns site that ammonia will work on certain metal combos. What is the frame and post material?
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    where to order

    " is great." I'll second that. Tell Debbie you heard about her place from the Rat Rod Bikes forum.
  15. 62Higgins

    Cessna scooter?

    That looks like a Top Fuel Scooter, awesome. I think you may have just started a new trend in rear tires for custom bikes. Maybe you should name the scooter "Trendsetter."
  16. 62Higgins

    Fuji Bikes?

    So...can you tell us what your first order consists of? :)
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    watch this it"s cool... this guy can ride a bike.. enjoy..

    Amazing. I have watched hours and hours of trials video on Youtube and this has to take the cake. When I worked at one of our state universities about 15 years ago Libor Karas (Team Cannondale at the time) did a demo on campus, it was great, but the students did not seem to care about it at...
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    Hamilton Beach Cruise 2009

    Just a few pix from last weekend. Anyone know the guy on the left? Boris' Super Cool but not yet completed trike. Mike Jones' Firebike. Wish I had better pix of this one...SWEET! Polished wide trees, polished 4.25 rims, 7 speed internal with dual Hayes Hyraulic discs and a deeeeluxe...
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    Fuji Bikes?

    Chainy knows I like my Fuji's. :D I think they're great. We currently have (3) of their flatbar roadbikes (all Absolutes) and I also had a dropbar roadbike. I picked up a used police patrol bike a few years ago and that was nice too. They sell a ton of the flatbars and roadbikes. The MTB's I...