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    re:intro back from the dust......brokeassbuilder

    hi guys an gals im a wrench hard from vancouver B.C , digs early muscle bikes, an BMX also have a soft spot for pinups and old rods, havent been in the circle since RRB#1 and RRB#2 which i missed dueto moving then basically stepped out to just deal with life in general now im enjoying riding the...
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    im in looks great one sz sticker? or a few ? t also xxl fer me cuz ya know i like my beer n burgers :wink:
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    back in the saddle

    hey guys sorry to be AWOL for so long i had some life changing decisions going on for the better :mrgreen: trying to get into the spring of things and this is about the time to get back into my bikes .. i sold all of what i had from years past and put it into the house buying bank . then...
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    A pair of Roadmasters

    nice ride :shock: :shock:
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    what would you do to this?

    definetly rat , im totally likin that chain guard :shock: cool bike
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    who would like to take a little trip

    boy does that bring back memories :lol: for those who do understand..... it just feels so d@mn good when you time it right and slide through, almost like god himself is there parting the waters, anyways still can be really dangerous if god puts his fist down and throws a car door or a...
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    Chat Room??/

    chatty rooom would be cool but i dont think id be able to get a word in....kevs pretty quick :wink:
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    plain an simple just the way it sounds . broke when i got money, broke when im buildin, broke after i take the family out , always scrapin by with the bare necessities cuz im workin on to many things tryin to get them all done at once ,an beatin paul over the head to steal from mary to provide...
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    ~~~~ Mmmmmmm Beer~~~~ Mobile Beer!

    weeeelll hot diggittyy !!!!! i been lookin for a pic of a trike to get some basics down thats a real sweet lookin ride too! :shock: im just in the process of tearin into a pair of these right now[/img]
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    has anyone here ever...........

    folding bike well funny you mention this ... id post pics but my cameras down i have to transfer to disc then upload it really sucks :x my son just got the ugliest dnb folding bike from his work and started in on it .. your version the frame is quite low and tires already quite small , try...
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    links to trike projects??

    cool idears guys keep em comin! :wink:
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    kids gettin his hands dirty!!!

    so i and my son are at a bike swap a couple weeks back ... and hes approached buy an older gentle man saying that he's pretty handy with a tool my son says yep , the felllow goes would you be intrested in a job over the summer? my boy says sure doing what ? building bikes of course !!! my son...
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    a new club is on the rise

    2 kudos for you firewalker it looks great ! but i will add the font looks a little bi centennial my thoughts are : cruiser bike a little more mean lookin' also with armand, a little agressiveness in the wording wouldnt hurt look up some of the older rob zombie poster art there faunts are the...
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    I hate you guys...

    cool hahahaha :P and the fun begins ive been threatened with divorce several times,, until it grows on ya ! know ive had the city bother me! thats just something to frame. but the real memories lie... on riding em with a group of crazed cyclists like i did last night till 1am in the morning...
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    my 12 year old son's first rat build

    sweet , i like the additional seat idear way to go! :wink:
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    links to trike projects??

    hey guys any links outhere for trike project im lookin' for some ideas before tearin into mine thx bab
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    Newbie here

    neat rats!! welcome friend :wink:
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    Hi Everybody this is My Bike in Thailand

    welcome nokpunk sweet bikes i like your lowrider , i just picked up a bike like your schwinn cruiser but your is way nicer!!
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    new low rider

    cool stuff , i cant wait to get my welder going, ive got a full size trike to hack up!!!! :shock: