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  1. Captain Awesome

    Found - Thanks Dr T

    Strangest wanted ad I've ever placed Does any one have a drop chunk of 1.125 steerer tube? Something they trimmed off a new fork perhaps I've got to extend one that's too short. Probably need 2" or better. Thought I had a couple in my parts pile but I must have tossed them thinking they'd...
  2. Captain Awesome

    Eddie Van Halen - RIP I'll crank up some tunes tonight for sure
  3. Captain Awesome

    Naughty Newsboy

    So I scored this Newsboy the other week on its way to the landfill. Not my scene as is, but I know there was good bones and good parts to be had. Stripped off everything. Parted out 90% of the accessories, kept the wheels for future use, and that left me with the frame Taking inspiration from...
  4. Captain Awesome

    MBBO/BMXBO 2020-2021 RULES - READ FIRST!!!

    Off season build-off is on again! Combined MBBO 2020 (Muscle Bike Build-Off) and BMXBO 2020 (BMX Build-Off) Class 1 is the classic MBBO The 2 out 3 rule: Must meet at least 2 of the following 3 options: 1: Rear tire larger than the front. (Wider or taller or both.) 2: Banana seat. 3: Muscle...
  5. Captain Awesome

    Captain Awesomes Fresh Finds

    Picked this gem up on its way to the landfill with another Huffy boat anchor. Glad I saved it No idea what it is or significance. Just knew she needed saving The Huffy should make an easy flip It's a Nassau which appears to be pre Nel Lusso
  6. Captain Awesome

    Simple Green

    Done and dusted Not on par with some of the pros we got in here, but she's mine More photos to come
  7. Captain Awesome

    Finished build threads

    Just putting it out there for anyone that went through a whole build and hasn't posted a "Finished" thread yet in the appropriate area *Finished bike photos must be posted in the “Finished Bikes” thread by 9:00 p.m. CT on Tuesday, September 1st, 2020 I would not want to see anyone miss out on...
  8. Captain Awesome

    Dumpster dive dilemna

    Alright RRB crew, Mrs Awesome and I were having a discussion about flip bikes. I find quite a few trash pile, dumpster, and abandoned bikes Hypothetical scenario - Found a bike in a "dumpster" and/or obviously with or included in trash. You fix it up (minor repairs, maybe some upgrades, but...
  9. Captain Awesome


    Looking for some 4 or 6pc BMX bars. Knee savers would be great, but anything similar or unique. As long as the are somewhat narrow Not looking for vintage or collectibles. Looking for some cheap spares that you may have laying around Chrome or colors is fine. Black is ideal
  10. Captain Awesome

    Your happy place

    Offshoot from another thread by @MattiThundrrr and inspired by @Karate Chicken Industries Show us your happy places. Spaces and places you love to spend time or hold a special place for you I love the water. Grew up boating and did marine work for years. Boats, dock work, diving, ........ My...
  11. Captain Awesome

    ** FOUND ** 20" springer

    Prefer curved, but I'll take straight. Prefer black, but I'll take chrome. Just looking for a cheap piece to hack before pulling the trigger on an eBay or Amazon pair Got anything lying around?
  12. Captain Awesome

    BO15 SIMPLE GREEN ((*Bringing it to the finish line*))

    Idle hands they say........ Too much time on eBay....... $27 and it's on the way....... Consider this my placeholder :rolleyes: 1976 Columbia Coyote 20" Plan for an old/mid/new school BMX mashup. (Change of plans. Pg 3) Color scheme undetermined. Direction undetermined
  13. Captain Awesome

    Son Of A Beach

    Alright...........I guess I'm in. Stumbled across this Cranbrook carcass today and it's in primo condition. I need a good economical beach cruiser for patrolling the island pubs. So here we go. Bars, seat, probably a lay back post. Tank insert with some surf inspiration. Got a BB adapter...
  14. Captain Awesome

    Point and laugh at the new guy

    Howdy folks. Just joined up after countless hours of lurking. Name is Craig, and i'm from NC. I'm an avid mountain biker, but really like anything with two wheels. Grew up in the frozen tundra up north and recently migrated for better weather. Great community you guy's have here!