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    Is there a way to take these apart for painting??
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    26 Black Cruiser wheel set with internal 3 spd rear hub and shifter

    Looking for front and rear black Cruiser wheels with 3 spd and shifter. Long shot I know but my fingers are crossed
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    Schwinn?? Year?? Model?? Help

    Anybody know what this one is. Only numbers I can read on bottom bracket are 74EH. There is some symbol or something after the H but I can’t tell what it is
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    Zenith Bike. ID help

    Only number I can find is under the bottom bracket and it just has the number 26 Anybody have a idea? 28 inch wheels and internal hub 3 spd
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    Any ideas??

    Came into 7 bikes going to start with just one at a time. No headbadge on this one. Numbers under bottom bracket are 507 220 7H132231 Any help would be appriciated 24 inch wheels
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    help identifying frame please

    I believe it is a Murray made for sears. it is all chrome double top barr under bottom rack has: MOD50246160 370072 I also have a couple Columbia frames 50's era but the rear of the frames have some differences. Where are the numbers located on these? Thanks for your help!!! Ron