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  1. Ajames

    Black Lightning Video

    I thought it would be easier to show the build, rather than explain it, check out the last part of the video.
  2. Ajames

    Black Lightning

    This project required two bicycles and the reason is, I don't like those step through trikes, too flemsy for me. First junker from Walmart is the Hyper beach cruiser, simply because I liked the style of the bike, for a 100 dollar bike I knew it's components would be trash, and they are. Second...
  3. Ajames

    The Army Brat

    This is a 1973 freedom spirit adult tricycle, sold at Sears. Although I don't like modifying a vintage bike, that's just not me, so I threw on a mountain bike front suspension, 48volt hub motor, hydraulic disc brakes, 12volt lighting system and weld the support it would need for higher speeds.
  4. Ajames

    hi my name is Aj

    I've been fabricating cycles for years, I'm totally into electrics. My latest project is this Springer tryke. I have to admit it's not a good ideal to put a 48volt hub on a Springer fork, but I'm gonna give it chance, cause I like the vintage look on this one. Thank...