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  1. pvwacko

    King Krate

    The buildoff is ending a month before my OBC goal and spring break vacation isn't going to allow me time to paint and powder coat. That hasn't stopped me from riding this thing around town. It gets plenty of attention. Thanks for the support everyone! Sent from my...
  2. pvwacko

    King Krate

    I was encouraged to get back onto RRB and throw this build into the winter buildoff. I was needing a use for a 36" wheel I had sitting around and had also been toying around with building another tall bike. Figured I'd kill two bikes with one stone. Introducing the King Krate. I'm going to try...
  3. pvwacko

    Stealth build for Tempe Tour De Fat

    Every year that I have done a new build for the Tour De Fat I have posted a tone of pictures and kept everyone up to speed on progress. This time I decided that it's going to be a secret until I roll up to the park the morning of. But to keep it fun I'm going to post teaser pictures that hint...
  4. pvwacko

    Surly discontinued the black floyd!

    Just a heads up to everyone out there building bikes with fat tires. Surly discontinued the black Floyd and they are no longer available special order through QBP so there aren't many left out there. I gave them a call to ask why and they said the performance at lower pressures wasn't getting...
  5. pvwacko

    Air ride systems, anyone have pointers?

    I'm in the planing stages of an air ride build. I've done lots of digging around and learned a lot but I'm looking for more details and specifics on what other people have used. I found Down Bikes online but they have no details on their system and don't sell it on its own. Anyone have one of...
  6. pvwacko

    Space Freighter Trike

    This build is actually under the thread Tempe Showdown in the build challenges section but I tought I would post a few teaser pictures here and the link to get more people in the loop. AZ Chop Shop and Myself are doing a little build-off for the Tour De Fat in Tempe Arizona October 6th. This...
  7. pvwacko

    Tempe Showdown (AZ Chop Shop vs. Wacko's Garage)

    A little Arizona Tour-de-Fat competition. AZ Chop Shop and Wacko's Garage are having a little build off for the Tour-de-Fat in Tempe October 6th. Voting will be for the Rat Rod Bikes folks and also for the people that come to the event. Hope to see you there!
  8. pvwacko

    Vintage Bike Tools

    Anyone have any old bike tools? With all the specialty tools out there right now for every company I'm sure there are some great old specialty tools out there. I wish this was mine but maybe someday I'll find one at a garage sale... Brooks!
  9. pvwacko

    Keg Trike

    I had a bunch of parts laying around the garage that needed to either be sold or put to use and because I sold my other custom trike I figured I would build another. Since I'm using the rear end from a production trike I guess this doesn't belong in the scratch built collection... so many...
  10. pvwacko

    Stillfast Triple

    These are some renderings I found cruising the internet. I take no credit for the design of this bike! If anyone knows who the designer is please let me know... the renderings were in a few different spots online with no designer mentioned I am going to have to get creative to make it...
  11. pvwacko

    TBD Elgin

    It sounds like a communicable disease... However, I'm cleaning out the garage and trying to whittle the 26 bikes down to 10 or so. While digging through all my parts I kept seeing cool stuff that I wished I had a build for. Fortunately for me, the build off started and now I can put all those...
  12. pvwacko

    16" Legran Kids Klunker

    One of my friends was talking about his 4 year old son tearing up the single track mountain bike trails on his strider and said that he just upgraded him to 16" bike. I guess his son really rips on the downhills but can't pedal that heavy bike up the hills at all. I told my friend that I had...
  13. pvwacko

    New skinny tire on the market

    Just got one of these early. If you are one of those people that like skinny front wheels or just plain skinny wheels check out this new tire from WTB! It fits 700c road rims and it's called the thickslick and looks pure rat rod. I plan on using it with a 26x2.5 Maxxis Hook Worm and building...
  14. pvwacko

    Roadmaster Luxury Liner Repro

    This came into the bike shop where I work and I just had to do some research. Turns out it is a 1998 reproduction of a 49-53 cleveland welding bike. There were supposidly only 5000 made with a price tag of 3 grand. Gal said it was in her grandmothers garage and took it before she got rid of...
  15. pvwacko

    Hawk cruiser???

    Stumbled on this "2008 Hawk Classic" on ebay... Is his asking price legit? ... 3a5cec7d8d Some of their bikes are pretty slick! I'm just not sure about the price.
  16. pvwacko

    Elgin Klunker

    I've been slowly picking up parts here and there for a klunker build and I finally got enough together that it's time for this build to step up out of the dream pile. I'm doing a mix of vintage and oldschool parts on this build because (A) I can't afford to buy the parts to build it the way...
  17. pvwacko

    Rusty Brit

    Here's what I started with!
  18. pvwacko

    Lets see your bottle openers!

    I've always wanted to do this! Figured I'd ask everyone to post their bottle openers. Bolt on to custom made, Coke to Guinness I don't care what you drink :P
  19. pvwacko

    quick build II

    Finished my friends bike so now I've started work on my transition Schwinn frame. Here's what I started with. Threw on some apes and a nexus 7 wheelset and hit the road for a spin. (with a seat of course) Liked the ride and ordered a sissy bar and banana seat (should be here next week) Tore it...
  20. pvwacko

    24" prewar ID help

    I'm assuming this is a prewar bike from the looks of the rear dropouts. Looks to say "ROADSERVICI" under where the headbadge would have gone. wheels appear to be galvanized. Fork is solid with an integral fender mounting tab. Ser# 3H009566 Looked up as a Schwinn from 51 but I don't know if...