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  1. el Diablo Guapo

    Swing-ee Thing-ee Ree-visited

    Completed mod- re-build starts below this is how i built the bike years back, but i have been looking at the "real" swing bike and I am gonna update mine note the small (12.5") front wheel, angled head/butt and banana seat - I m doin all that got the little wheel, gonna rake that head next
  2. el Diablo Guapo

    Woke to 90 nph wind then...

    At least it fell away from th house!
  3. el Diablo Guapo

    I made some counter top extensions on the CNC router at work

    i built some tables at work the other day using our CNC router. You draw onthe computer and the CNC router cuts it out I used a large "scrap" of black melamine. It was a cover sheet for delivery- one side was ruined by the forklift, the other was perfect. The CNC makes it easy to put dado...
  4. el Diablo Guapo

    Loose bearing cup in wheel hub

    has anyone else ever had a Loose bearing cup in a wheel hub- i had not and it was making a heck-uva racket, an I could not get the bearings adjusted to save my life The cup was spinning freely in the hub, so i took it out, and first tried grinding divots around (the surprisingly hard) cup...
  5. el Diablo Guapo

    Bike specific steel- Where do YOU get it? Ashtabula (1 pc.) BBs in particular but

    I have been building a style that requires a second Bottom Bracket lately, and I am running out! I like single piece cranks, (i know, i know), 2.02" ID [OD largely unimportant] and the material for bottom brackets seems largely un-available out-side of cutting 'em off other bikes So, where do...
  6. el Diablo Guapo

    untitled #37

    Hey, leave me a comment! even if it is "cool" or "you suck" "learn to spel" or what-ever! I can take it, more comments! anyway: current progress 8/25/2020 This is my 20 bux recent find (here) that I did the LocoJoe Chop to HERE I have been working every other week since June, but 100% work is...
  7. el Diablo Guapo

    Self sluggin' hybrid butt joint

    Hey, I thought i would share this, it is one of my favorite fab(rication) "tricks"- I have not seen it illustrated here on RRB, but(t) feel free to point it out I never named it before but i think i am liking the self sluggin' hybrid butt joint. I t works like a slug for aligning the tubes, and...
  8. el Diablo Guapo

    Pics of my LocoJoe EZ Cantilever frame chop

    I am pretty new here on RRB so i have been perusing the forums, and wow! there is a ton o' great stuff A few days ago I read this ( ) thread. @aka_locojoe describes a frame mod that appeared (will...
  9. el Diablo Guapo

    What is the "media" area inteded for?

    A the top of the RRB main forum page is a link "media" It looks like members can put files there, what is this for?
  10. el Diablo Guapo

    Bride of FrankenBike

    That's it! I am callin' 'er done, I started messin' with a new project, so there ya go... This started with (1/2) a step through ladie's frame hence, Bride of FrankenBike
  11. el Diablo Guapo

    20 bux, chrome, eminantly slammable, no-name frame-n-forks

    local classifieds, price was right, not vintage, so i'm gonna slam this one hard The only question is: Should i slam it soon(er) or wait for match-y (chrome) donor? Man that head badge is gonna be ironic
  12. el Diablo Guapo

    BO final thread post clarification (class 2)

    So what should a final build off post look like? I swear I saw something somewhere that said something like "first picture in thread is THE picture" or something like that Anyway, i searched for this but no find-y - am I correct, or/and can someone give me a bit of clarification? Thanx!
  13. el Diablo Guapo

    BO15 Bride of FrankenBike --> (was: Joining the Fray, blah )

    Okay, I am joining the fray! -My family is headed headed out for a few days, I am furloughed this week, and I just sorted through my pile o'parts so here begins my first BO entry... I had planned to build a stretched out slammed scraper kind of affair, but am now concerned that may be a bit...
  14. el Diablo Guapo

    Posting a bit about me, I like to build things

    A picture of some of the projects I have kept- out of a bunch more i have done: Let me know if anything in the pile is interesting enough to pull out I am posting this introduction, a bit about me, as I get back into building. I like to make stuff, bikes are particularly fun. I like...