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    Felt Bicycle Pics

    I've had my El Guapo for a lil over a year now and love it...I've been seeing you guys put those low rise handle bars on these bikes...they look so .... cool, but my question is, how the heck do you ride it? I like riding mine through my neighborhood, so it's not just for you guys...
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    Felt Bicycle Pics

    One of my lbs had one left. Sent from the keyboard via my Galaxy S3.
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    Felt Bicycle Pics

    Picked up my first Felt yesterday morning....a brand new El Guapo
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    New guy from Oklahoma

    Came across this place doin a lil searching on cruiser style bikes. I'm just getting into the scene... Did some Mt. Biking in my 20' in my late 30's...just lookin for a cool comfortable ride.... Which led me to my first purchase... A Felt El Guapo.... Saw that bike, rode it and had to...