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  1. yeshoney

    18 pair of grips - New and Used

    Sold sold sold! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. yeshoney

    18 pair of grips - New and Used

    $57 shipped to lower 48. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. yeshoney

    Chrome Miller bullet light - NOS

    This is for a generator but could easily lay be adapted to a battery with LEDs. Very unique glass with deco style vertical lines in it. $50 shipped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. yeshoney

    NOS Murray Muscle Bike 5 speed push/pull shifter w/NOS Lark derailleur

    Both pieces work together and work well. Had another set on a 26" frame with board track bars. This shifter is non indexed. $60 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. yeshoney

    Cabinet Cleanout

    Only a few items left! Thanks everyone. Joe
  6. yeshoney

    Cabinet Cleanout

    Been awhile since I have been on here. Unfortunately I no longer have any more bicycles. I still look from time to time, but I have moved on to motorcycles and helping my son with his car. I digress. I have cleaned out the parts cabinets of all remaining items. I am listing a few items in...
  7. yeshoney

    Rare NOS Murray 5 speed Muscle Bike Push/Pull 5 speed Shifter and Shimano Lark Derailleur

    Both pieces are NOS and ready to be bolted to your vintage muscle bike or Rat project. $100 shipped for both in lower 48 Thanks, Joe
  8. yeshoney

    Very Deco Chrome Miller Bullet Light

    I occasionally find bike parts when I am cleaning and rearranging the "stuff" I have. This is is Miller dynamo light that is fairly common, however , I acquired it years ago due to its very deco lens design. I have never seen another like this one. It was on one of my builds from years past...
  9. yeshoney

    Anyone remember me??

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! You musta been picking freestyle! LOL
  10. yeshoney

    Vintage tractor seat - Perfect size!

    Gentle Bump for the weekend. Thanks, Joe
  11. yeshoney

    Vintage tractor seat - Perfect size!

    Still available. Try to find one when you are looking for one
  12. yeshoney

    Vintage tractor seat - Perfect size!

    This tractor is not too big or heavy for a bicycle application. Condition is perfect for that rat bike or trike. 15 x 14". $65 shipped in the lower 48. Thanks, Joe
  13. yeshoney

    Janes Addiction Weekend- Beach and Breakfast Ride. June 25 & 26.

    Jane, I am coming up on Saturday on my motorcycle. If it is OK to crash over night. Will need a rider so if someone wants to bring an extra, that would be cool. As Dan said, weather looks amazing. Jane, Stevil gave me a GPS address, but could you PM me just to confirm it? Thanks, Joe
  14. yeshoney

    Custom Shelby 52A ducktail, bobber fenders

    Should fit all 26" balloon frames and set up for 26 skip/52 tooth 1/2 pitch sprockets. Notched for chain relief at the above sprocket size. Slips in a bolts up. All the had work is done!! $110 shipped
  15. yeshoney

    Schwinn S-2 laced to Nexus 8 Speed with Shifter/brake combo

    Original Schwinn S-2 with patina. No curb dings, new spokes, very, very low miles hub. Ready to roll and provide easy pedaling on your custom ride. Runs straight and true. Put a tire/tube and go! You can't build this combo for this price shipped! $150 shipped East/Mid $160 shipped West...
  16. yeshoney

    Persons Men's Seat - XLNT

    Should read looks like shelf wear
  17. yeshoney

    Persons Men's Seat - XLNT

    No rips, lols let shelf wear. Had it mounted on a bike, but I never rode it. $60 shipped to East coast, $65 shipped to West coast.
  18. yeshoney

    SOLD Shelby Pre-War Shock-Eaze Internal springer fork

    You really have to stop being broke when I post stuff like this! Ha Ha Ha!:rofl:
  19. yeshoney

    Dog Leg Crank with Disc brake Sprocket, Lug nuts, Carbon Fiber

    Obviously a custom set up but rides really well. Comes with all near new hardware and bearings. $75 shipped Thanks, Joe