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  1. jamesdart

    Gravel bikes

    It’s a really rigid bike. It’s light for my standards but I believe everything is heavier than road stuff. Got knobby 700c tires. Less gears. I don’t think the geometry is road bike. But I can be wrong. I was riding 20 miles on the old dirt tow path and it’s been trouble free. I did the nyc 5...
  2. jamesdart

    Gravel bikes

    I was looking for a multi use bike to do some longer rides and some mild trails. I used to mtb in the 90s all rigid. Current mtb are crazy. for me builds wind up getting carried away on $$$ so I just bought new. Got a good discount through a partnership kind of thing. I wanted green but when I...
  3. jamesdart

    BMX Style Cruiser Bars, Can I get some options Please.

    Als are nice. I have a few of them. I’m pretty sure he has made them with different back sweep. Mr. tick or tick one, makes nice klunker bars. They have a lot of back sweep. They are almost cartooney how big they are. He does a few different styles.
  4. jamesdart

    Set up a Nexus 3 speed coaster brake.

    Sturmey archer has a nice thumb shifter for the nexus 3
  5. jamesdart

    Hunter Cycles

    I had bought a girls version of that white one, for parts. It donated some cool stuff to other bikes.
  6. jamesdart

    NYC summer streets

    This is always fun, 7 mile stretch of closed avenues, 3 Saturday in august. Activities along The way. The first one was This weekend but there are still 2 more. I'm working on a house so I'm not sure I'm gonna make any.
  7. jamesdart

    Treasure Bucket [catch all thread]

    What you want for the pink schwinn?
  8. jamesdart

    Who has drums

    Lot of meat on the shoes one hub is new.
  9. jamesdart

    Who has drums

    I have a few of these Worksman drum hubs and they just don't stop. Well Start with this one, I have front and rear drum, New cables and I used old school did compe long mtb levers. The cables are standard size. I won't even ride it, being a freewheel. I kind of feel like the cables are...
  10. jamesdart

    Treasure Bucket [catch all thread]

    That's cute...
  11. jamesdart

    Show us your Cars!

    Thats a sweet ride.
  12. jamesdart

    What have you been riding lately?

    I've been riding a new gravel bike a lot, but got out on my favorite build with my son.
  13. jamesdart


    Really nice. Sending you a message
  14. jamesdart


    What drums you have there?
  15. jamesdart

    Schwinn Straight Bar Question?

    I have a bf Goodrich straight bar with no kickstand mount.
  16. jamesdart

    2019 Spring Velofest | Friday 5/3 to Sunday 5/5 | Trexlertown PA

    Nope. If I don’t have to work Saturday maybe I’ll Head out to PA.
  17. jamesdart

    2019 Spring Velofest | Friday 5/3 to Sunday 5/5 | Trexlertown PA

    I'd like to go but I'm doing the 5 boro bike tour
  18. jamesdart

    Help with Bottom Bracket removal

    Tack a piece of flat bar across it and spin it out. brazing requires a decent amount of heat. I don't remember the temp but you need to get steel to a dull red to melt brazing rod from what I remember.
  19. jamesdart

    Your ugliest bikes.

    That dyno reminds of a wonder bread bomber, if any of you fish you know what I mean.
  20. jamesdart


    I used to ship car parts greyhound, it's pretty funny. I have some muscle bikes I'd like to sell, I just don't feel like dealing with the shipping , I 've never shipped a bike myself.