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  1. Voyager Al

    anyone have a ruff cycles tango frame? Need some basic measurements.

    my tango is :30"top tube, center is 22. seat stay,to seat tube is 17.bottom tube is 23. seat tube is 26. front down tube is 30. all dimensions are close, as its tough to measure the curves. the seat stay isnt considering the curve,just from the tip to where its welded to the seat tube.Hope this...
  2. Voyager Al

    seatpost clamp mongoose beast

    its cheap to buy a digital caliper at Harbor Freight, and they have a inch/mm button on them. Not quality for machine shop work, but good enuf for measuring bike stuff. I used to use one for some reloading stuff.
  3. Voyager Al

    Drop bolts anyone?

    Shoulder bolts? Fastenal is your friend
  4. Voyager Al

    Mystery 2 Speed Hub

    I have a Shelby with a Bendix 2 speed with the Bendix shifter that looks like a brake handle. Pull it IN to shift to 2. Push out to downshift to 1
  5. Voyager Al


    wow, I shipped a bike from Pa to Cali, and it cost me 155,FEDEX. And they were the cheapest! Ill try bikeflight next time
  6. Voyager Al


    Re: 2013 FELT BURNER 29er scrub those whitewalls up! That tire looks USED!
  7. Voyager Al

    Help Me Build My Felt Cruiser Please

    I have a Felt/Hurley for sale. Its #3. I was told 3 of 250. Never ridden much. Quik Bricks on it. Id take 350 for it. Plus shipping from Pa.15147 PM me if interested
  8. Voyager Al

    Let's see your Western Flyer's

    Im gonna sell my 47 CWC western flyer this coming weekend at Bicycle Heaven's Swap meet in Pittsburgh.
  9. Voyager Al


    Thats sounds great,Rico. PM me ur phone number. Thanks!
  10. Voyager Al

    vintage motorcycle riders

    I really like that Simplex!
  11. Voyager Al


    Ax, I plan on coming down to PR for vacation next year. Is there a better city to go see? Stay in? Rent bicycles? See it all? Tell me more.
  12. Voyager Al

    Changing styles

    I recently built a shed to house my 20-something bikes. I also built a stretched bike, on a Dyno Roadster dimensions. Seems that I yearn for more stretched bikes, than my old cruisers. I don't wanna start problems here,but I want to sell a few bikes, to fund getting a custom built frame or two...
  13. Voyager Al

    Pittsburgh September swap

    September 14 and 15th. Held at Bicycle Heaven . Free to get in, free setup, free everything. Swapmeet, show, and museum tour. Craig has bought a few more warehouses, and has a great inventory of od BMX stuff,od bike NOS stuff. Tires galore,all new ,60's and 70's NOS. Stop and see us. We usually...
  14. Voyager Al

    Can you like my Page!

    done. Now do mine,please Kool Kats BC on FB Kool Kats page is owned by dogdart, and co-managed by me.
  15. Voyager Al

    multi speed skiptooth hubs?

    I have a 3speed on my 47 WF. Dogdart modified the gear to fit it.Its a SA hub,coaster brake
  16. Voyager Al

    losing interest...HELP

    no, i hadnt, but will. I like riding that one. The other 2,not so much. And I'd feel bad to sell them. One is that Felt/Hurley all Plaid /PR bike. And the shaft drive Sonoma cruiser with a 3 speed. Nice bike to sell, that one.
  17. Voyager Al

    losing interest...HELP

    it's really acool OLD style bike. 1955 technology. Takes a lot to get it up to 60MPH. 65 is tops. The wife and I went to a car show last night, took a highway,2up, up a grade. 55 was tops. Took back roads home. Its just a fun bike, that takes constant tinkering to keep running like a , well,NOT...
  18. Voyager Al

    losing interest...HELP

    Ill get pics up. its an 03 Bullet 500 deluxe, which means a chrome tank and a electric start. Had never been in the rain,EVER. Im taking to a show today,so THAT will no longer be able to be stated. 60% rain today. Herman, I hope we get some rides in this year. I sorta was real bummed with the...
  19. Voyager Al

    Lady Jivaro

    Man, my vote is done. Tough bike to beat! Nice. Bravo!
  20. Voyager Al

    losing interest...HELP

    I recently bought a Royal Enfield motorcycle. It has consumed me. I haven't visited this site in 2 wees, and haven't ridden a bicycle in at least that long. Havent seen any posts for any local get-togethers,either.. what has happened to my past addiction? The RE is a cool, old looking bike. Its...