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  1. Fat Lip

    Looking for this Free Spirit!

    Sorry, but I don't have time to build it. If you want, I can send you the parts you want and you can build it yourself. All of the black parts should be stripped and repainted. The plastic rear fender has some small sections broken off and missing at the back end and both fenders should be...
  2. Fat Lip

    Looking for this Free Spirit!

    Here is what I found so far. I have a set of original rims too. I just have to dig them out. The last picture shows new parts that I have, a seat, waffle grips and Carlisle knobby tires. Shipping a bike to Spain will be expensive though.
  3. Fat Lip

    Looking for this Free Spirit!

    That was my bike. Unfortunately I sold it in 2012 but I'm pretty sure that I have most, if not all the parts needed to build another one. I took that picture in my front yard. Here are some more pics from that day:
  4. Fat Lip


    Yeah, Thunder Road's were MX bikes that Huffy released in the mid seventies. Pro Thunder's were BMX bikes that were released starting in the early eighties.
  5. Fat Lip

    Thunder Road ?

    It's a Murray Cat MX bike similar to my Murray built Sears Free Spirit MX bike. Early versions had the pie plate chainguard. Later ones had the full length. They used 24" springer forks so that there would be extra clearance between the front fender and tire to give the bike a 'Motocross' look...
  6. Fat Lip

    Evel Ashtabula!!!!!!!

    Very cool!!!! I just recently got the last thing I need to put my 1976 Evel MX bike together...
  7. Fat Lip

    Huffy muscle?

    To me it looks like a later model rail frame that someone added the center bar to. The bar looks too straight. It should have a curve to it.
  8. Fat Lip

    My Holy Grail has arrived...'68 Orange Krate.

    I had an October 1968 Orange Krate. It had a regular seat post, an orange seat and gold dot brake levers. The seat may have been replaced in the 1970's though as well as the rear slick. The post and brake levers I think are original to the bike since it was late in the model year.
  9. Fat Lip

    Need help!!! What is "The Look" muscle bike

    It's hard to tell from your picture but if that frame was originally silver then it was probably this bike: This was the 1978 version. Notice the solid rear dropouts. They also changed to a full length chainguard and dropped 'The Look' name. As for value, I picked this one up a couple of years...
  10. Fat Lip

    Need help!!! What is "The Look" muscle bike

    'The Look' bikes were actually MX bikes built by Murray and sold through Sears as Free Spirit badged bikes. The frame looks very similar to the Murray choppers of the late 1970's but it is different. The chopper had more of a rake at the head tube and therefore had a gusset welded there to...
  11. Fat Lip

    A Schwinn public service announcement...

    I had a real Schwinn overload tube from a 68 Krate that I sold on ebay last year. The winning bid was $25 and this guy is selling repros that don't even look right for $50??????
  12. Fat Lip

    20" Sears Free Spirit

    I'm interested in the chain guard. Let me know the price with shipping to 18103. Thanks
  13. Fat Lip

    (MBBO #4 Class 1) 1968 Huffy Rail Custom

    I made my own set up for the double rear brake. I used Excel Grand Prix calipers that originally came on the Rails. I decided to use period correct Weinmann red dot levers because they look and have a better feel than Excel levers. I still have to crimp the fender in a little bit by the lower...
  14. Fat Lip

    (MBBO #4 Class 1) 1968 Huffy Rail Custom

    Well it was close but I was able to finish on time. I haven't had a day off from work since Christmas so it was hard to find time to work on the bike. Since I built this bike to ride on the local bike trail I was hoping to take some cool pictures of the bike on the trail. Unfortunately I just...
  15. Fat Lip

    (MBBO #4 Class 1) 1968 Huffy Rail Custom

    I got them on ebay. The seller still has some left.
  16. Fat Lip

    (MBBO #4 Class 1) 1968 Huffy Rail Custom

    So close to finishing!!!!!!
  17. Fat Lip

    (MBBO #4 Class 1) 1968 Huffy Rail Custom

    Wow!!! The deadline is coming up quick! I had my rims relaced at the local bike shop and just picked them up. I have everything I need to complete my build now. Right now I'm polishing up all the chrome pieces. After that it's assembly time!!! Hopefully I will get it all done in time. It's gonna...
  18. Fat Lip

    1975 Huffy Thunder road and a bad ... helmet and early repair stand

    That bike looks all original to me. The early Thunder Roads came with the long cranks and pie plate chainguards. Later versions came with full length guards. If you decide to sell it, let me know I might be interested.
  19. Fat Lip

    (MBBO #4 Class 1) 1968 Huffy Rail Custom

    I'm working overtime at my job right now so progress on the bike is going a little slow. I should be able to finish on time though. Tonight I made a set of redline pedals. I took a regular set of NOS Excel pedals and using some regular automotive pinstriping I added two thin red stripes to the...