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  1. madsapper

    1969 Schwinn Fastback

    Nice job!
  2. madsapper

    Grey Ghost!

    Yes, they are still out there! Can't wait to clean this one up. Local Craigslist find from original owner who got it when he was seven. A bit crusty, but other than the rear tire, all original.
  3. madsapper

    (not very) Fresh Goose!? (crunchy and crispy)

    I'd still build it! It may be an Amacca, which is a foreign built copy of a Mongoose. Not worth a lot. but cool none the less, and better than a Royce...
  4. madsapper

    66 Slick Chick value?

    Rear wheel on a Slik Chick is an S2, on a Fair Lady its an S7. My wife has a blue 68 Slik Chick, I paid 130 for it a couple years ago.
  5. madsapper

    Mesinger silver banana seat

    Need for a project. Prefer the shorter rounded one like the rollfast top drag style. Let me know what you have.
  6. madsapper

    New vintage bike guy from NH

  7. madsapper

    My wife's Fire Cat...

    Nice job!
  8. madsapper

    Solid stack paint fade question

    Tracking Crash. Tracking...
  9. madsapper

    Solid stack paint fade question

    I have two orange to black fade Huffy's with solid stack chain guards. both of mine have the "muffler" on the back of the guard unlike the one posted in your pick. One is a three speed short frame cheater slick and one is a long frame 5 speed Firestone GTO SS/V. Both of the guards are painted...
  10. madsapper

    Huffy muscle?

    Headtube does look pushed back and that bar is pretty bent... Forks look fine though. Odd.
  11. madsapper

    Dudley bike swap bicycle meet show Sunday March 12 2017

    Truck's Loaded!
  12. madsapper

    I may ask $2,000 for my restored Aero Bee

    yea, me too!
  13. madsapper

    Rollfast Muscle Project

    Looks to be all original. I have the same bike.
  14. madsapper

    Found On The Side of The Road,No,it's not a FORD..

    For Only Retarded Drivers. I know, not politically correct...
  15. madsapper

    I may ask $2,000 for my restored Aero Bee

    Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder!
  16. madsapper

    New guy from Maine

    Welcome from NH!
  17. madsapper

    Huffy "The Wheel" help needed

    The Trelleborg redline slick is the correct one for that bike. Rob has them.
  18. madsapper

    Huffy Muscle Bike Haul...

  19. madsapper

    Finished the Slingshot

    Bruce rocks! I have a bee of his on my 69 Renegade and just purchased a Screamer 1 guard decal for my next project.