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    Are There Any Other Women Bulding Rats on the Forum?

    Are there any other women wrenches on the forum, Are there any other women who have entered the build off? I would love to connect.
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    The Bluebird of Happiness

    Bluebirds are symbolic of happiness and contentment. There are few things that fill me with joy and peace like working on and riding my bikes. Also. . . This 1947 Dayton stepthrough bike is a striking combination of navy and turquoise. I love a blue bike! Hence her name: The Bluebird of...
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    Hunterdon County NJ History & Girl Bikes

    Hello from Hunterdon County NJ. Yes Central NJ exisits becasue craigslist says so! I've just posted some beginning pics in the 2020 Build Off thread. Im hoping to get this build off done in time. Im using my vacation to do it!
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    BO15 The Bluebird of Happiness

    Greetings from Hunterdon County New Jersey! This is my first Build Off. I rehab/restore bikes for women out of my home garage and organize a vintage bike ride called The Red Mill Retro Ride in Clinton NJ. I am also a curator at a local history museum. My Dad gifted me with a love of all things...