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  1. Nick

    1941 Mens Monark

    Moving sale, can't take it with me.
  2. Nick

    Vintage Chain Guard

    I have this listed on eBay. Not really sure what it is from. I would assume 1930'-1940's/ In great shape, was going to use it on a project but never did.
  3. Nick

    1930's? Elgin

    Wondering if someone could help me out here, owner says its around 1930's, wasn't sure completely of the year. Does it look like original parts? IMO the handlebars look too new.
  4. Nick

    Moon Smoothie Rims

    Does anyone have the Moon Smoothie rim attachments on their bike? I was wondering how you like them? Fit good? Or if anyone has a set for sale?
  5. Nick

    Women's bike find

    Hi there, I got this bike at a estate sale for $1. I know it's a womens, and it's a skip tooth. But it didn't have a seat on it or a head badge so I wasn't quite sure what it is. The crank numbers are H 440301 or H140801. It was hard to tell but that is my best guess. Any help would be...
  6. Nick

    JC Higgins Identification

    Can anyone help me identify this JC Higgins bike. Like what would be the model name. Im sure its 40's/50's. Needs a little work but I really love the patina on it.
  7. Nick

    Spaceliner Red Line 2 speed rear end

    Looking to see what your guys opinions are on a value of a Sears 2 speed rear end. It's for a Spaceliner. 26". Very nice shape, just don't know what to offer the guy
  8. Nick

    Sears Spaceliner Clear Coat

    Can anyone hint me in the right direction on how to get the clear off a Spaceliner bike? I have been using 0000 Steel wool which it is slowly, slowly coming off. Any other good ways?
  9. Nick

    Huffy The Wheel Bike

    Quick question for you guys. I know someone who has an original Huffy The Wheel bike and I was wondering what is a fair market value for them. It is in excellent, all original condition, no rust on the wheels, or the sissy bar. I have been watching ebay and thats all the prices that I can find...