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    Harbor Freight 2 bike hitch mount rack

    Picked up one of these today, $37, and I couldn't be happier, all the issues that people had mentioned in reviews seem to have been addressed.
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    Broken Park repair stand

    Coworker of mine, who also has a part time LBS, picked up an abused Park repair stand, from a local Target store, and asked me to make a replacement for the locking lever.
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    Little Betty

    I found this on craigslist and bought it for my granddaughter, not a rat or a custom, but I thought it was a cool kids 20 inch bike
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    Frame ID, Colson?

    Can anyone ID this frame and year? S/N B22906 Thanks
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    My craigslist frame find

    I found this frame earlier this week, mocked this up this afternoon from parts I hand on hand, I'm not liking the bars, i want to go with an mx bar maybe with a slingshot stem i have. I believe the frame to be a prewar Colson, can anyone comfirm?
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    Shelby value?

    Help out a newbie with his first vintage bike purchase, 1941 Shelby Flyer, I'm told, klunker. What should I expect to pay? Thanks in advance
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    Hello from wny

    Been lurking for a couple of weeks now, looking on craigslist for a suitable bike, or frame for a klunker build, to buy and haven't found anything yet. In the meantime I'm considering purchasing a Sun RevMX, any opinions?