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  1. AndyA

    Rat bike guys adjustable wrench.

    The blue-handle Park cone wrenches are nice, but pricey. Cheaper are their double-end cone wrenches (blue pic below). There are also other manufacturers of these, like Pedro's. Also, Grand Rapids Industrial Products makes sets of thin wrenches in metric and SAE sizes (red pic below). I'm not...
  2. AndyA

    Faux wood rims

    There is a long tradition of painting something to look like something else. It's called "trompe l'oeil," which is French for "fool the eye." There are tools available in craft stores for faux wood grain painting and lots of info online.
  3. AndyA

    What is the best coaster brake, your opinions?

    Good discussion, but I would like to add a little broad perspective relative to braking. No matter how well a coaster brake stops the rear wheel from turning, it will take much longer to stop with only a rear brake. Maximum stopping power occurs just before the wheel locks up. This comes into...
  4. AndyA

    Montgomery Ward bicycles

    I'll jump in here with a 24-inch girls Hawthorne tanker. First picture shows the bike as found. Remaining pics show after conversion to a quasi-muscle bike. I know, muscle bikes don't have rear racks or tanks. But I needed to keep that cool rack, even though I had to repair its front end with...
  5. AndyA

    Really low-tech LED headlight conversion

    Spike: How do you fasten the LED flashlights into the headlamps in your conversions? Be well
  6. AndyA

    Really low-tech LED headlight conversion

    1) Bought a little LED flashlight for a dollar at the dollar store (sorry, I forgot to take a pic before installation) 2) Removed the original bulb base and made the hole in the reflector bigger to accommodate flashlight 3) Fastened flashlight in place with hot glue Other obvious steps include...
  7. AndyA

    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    A Worksman triple trike in north Jersey. Very cool.
  8. AndyA

    Show me your Kick Scooters

    Schwinn Boy: I'll get you started. Here is a Kent scooter. It's probably from the 1980's. Tires are 12-1/2 X 2-1/4. Wheelbase is 35 inches. BMX-style stem and handlebars. Caliper brakes fore and aft. Have fun!
  9. AndyA

    Cottered crank is too close to frame. Help!

    As long as it doesn't clip the frame, is it a problem? I bought a GT Talera MTB (liked the "triple-triangle" frame) and found that the left crank occasionally touched the chain stay so that it left a little mark. It looks like a previous owner changed out that crank. I filed a bit off the rear...
  10. AndyA

    Cottered Crank.....

    Here's what Al Carrell says in "The Super Handyman's Big Bike Book."
  11. AndyA

    Bar Ends

    Man, those handlebars are impressive. But they could be trouble, if you met a whitetail buck on a trail.
  12. AndyA

    How stem shifter cables should look.

    "Of course going to redo brake levers and cables, but she said she does not want the down tube shifter moved as she finds them 'neat'." Horsefarmer: Your wife will probably be fine with the DT shifters. They aren't really as far away as they look. Think about where water bottles get mounted on...
  13. AndyA


    As promised, pics of repainted chain wheel caps. First is a Spaceliner. Second is a girls Western Flyer Cosmic Flyer.
  14. AndyA

    Tighten spokes on Schwinn tubular rim?

    If the wheels spin true as-is, my approach is usually to barely snug up any spokes that are rattling around, ride the bike a bit, check if things are still spinning OK, and adjust as necessary.
  15. AndyA

    Exercise bike stand

    Handy Andy: I had a set of your tools when I was 6 years old. But, back to the topic at hand. I set up a bike on a trainer when my wife had hip surgery. We both continue to use it. Me, only when there is weather that keeps me from pedaling outdoors. I have a TV hung from the joists in the...
  16. AndyA


    Dropstep: Cranks can usually be straightened out with some combination of a vice, piece of pipe, big wrench, and/or other means of persuasion. If not, the crank on that bike is a pretty standard item. Check out items for sale on this forum. It looks like the vacuum chroming has worn off...
  17. AndyA

    How stem shifter cables should look.

    Duchess: Which do you consider more ergonomic, stem shifters or DT shifters? There are, admittedly, a number of variables related to body position on the bike. Until I tried them, I thought DT shifters would be clumsy and uncomfortable. But now I find them handier than stem shifters. I rest my...
  18. AndyA

    How stem shifter cables should look.

    Stem shifter cables, like all bike cables, follow the Goldilocks rule. If the housing is too short, you get a kink at one end. If the housing is too long, you get a kink at one end. If the housing is just the right length ... Never a problem with down tube shifters.
  19. AndyA

    The most dangerous motorized bicycle in the world?

    Wow. Tough choice. There are so many impressive features on both bikes. On the lawn mower-engine powered bike: 1) Looks like the rider must sit on the rear carrier with the chain whizzing by his right calf. 2) Will the gas tank will be under the rider's right triceps? 3) Is that the (hot)...
  20. AndyA

    Micargi Falcon ...I'm tempted

    Mr. Horsefarmer: Ha ha! So tell me, how does it ride?