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  1. rickpaulos

    I have become "that guy" (old Schwinn Varsity)

    need more ideas? here are about 30 single speed conversions I've done. Many using old Schwinn road bikes. The flat blade forks on the Varsity will accomodate a wider tire that the tubular forks on the "better" Schwinns. A good source for acceptable rims, spokes and handlebars is wallyworld...
  2. rickpaulos

    Franken Tandem gallery

    There were commercial kits for bolting two bikes side by side. I've seen one not on a bike but the owner wasn't willing to part with it at the time, plus that particular model looked rather flimsy. The book Atomic Bicycle Builders Bonanza has a chapter on how to do the steering linkages for 2...
  3. rickpaulos

    Cottered Chain Wheel into 1 Piece BB?

    If you have a 15/16" drill bit and a drill press. Leave the arm on and use the existing axle hole as the centering guide and drill away. Drilling from the front would get it dead center but would mean drilling through an extra ~1 inch of material (the arm). Drilling from the back side might not...
  4. rickpaulos

    Franken Tandem gallery

  5. rickpaulos

    The stupid, ugly, messed up bikes thread.

    I see bikes like this every week. Our local bike coop is near the homeless camps. This is what they tend to build up. Any part that fits gets put on. Makes the bikes less of a theft target. Who would steal a pile of junk? Only the homeless (or some police) take bikes from the homeless. I...
  6. rickpaulos

    Franken Tandem gallery

    Not shortened or lowered. It was two different bikes welded together. Based on the decals, the front of the frame looks to have been a Schwinn Woodlands mountain bike made of Reynolds 500. 700c road fork, road wheels. Back half? Don't know. It's on eBay. You could email the seller to see...
  7. rickpaulos

    Franken Tandem gallery

  8. rickpaulos


    go to your build page, copy the url in the Address bar in your browser (ctrl-a then ctrl-c) navigate back to this page and paste the url in to the new post box (ctrl-v).
  9. rickpaulos

    Fuji Folder

    yeah, I own two of them. And I didn't smoke any cigs to get them. Fairly light cro-mo frames saddled with really heavy parts. Lousy bikes for single track but okay for street use. The first I turned in to a single speed. The second is waiting for me to have time and inspiration to do something...
  10. rickpaulos

    Weather Report

    Years ago I was advised you will know your date has gone sour when all you can talk about is the weather. Rick
  11. rickpaulos

    Lejeune Folding bikes

    How much did he say? I've heard others tell me outlandish prices for some bikes. Some can be verified with dated price lists on the www but it never helps to argue with a seller. i'd guess most of these folders retailed for well under $100 in the 1960s.
  12. rickpaulos

    Anyone know what this bike is or was?

    Stelber you say? Steller and Berkowitz. Two guys who ran a chain of department stores on the east coast. They started their own bike factory. Most were pretty low grade bikes according to everything I've read. I have a 3 speed Stelber Made in England (Raleigh or Phillips make).
  13. rickpaulos

    Lejeune Folding bikes

    The original design was apparently not patented so it was copied by dozens of bike companies in Italy and Germany (and others). I've see quite a few, owned a Bianchi version with inox fenders (stainless steel), brazed on generator and brazed on brake levers. You will see some variations in the...
  14. rickpaulos

    Looking for help identifying American Pre-war Lightweight

    Picture fame with photos of the bike cleaned up, grandma and the catalog page for the bike. Hang that on the wall. Of course the crown jewel would be a photo of grandma with/on the bike.
  15. rickpaulos

    Undeniably Irish

    O William of Orange, should that be solid orange or sparkle orange to match the glitter paint? Orange pedals too?
  16. rickpaulos

    Undeniably Irish (was Big Green Irish Ray)

    Thanks Patrick, TRM, that's the best name suggestion yet. I'm going with it. I'm 000% Irish, 365 days a year, but who says we all can't celebrate other's history and events. Riding bikes is a great way to do just that.
  17. rickpaulos

    Undeniably Irish

    build thread here: Thanks to Patrick The Renaissance Man for the new name. Orange pedals and grips installed:
  18. rickpaulos

    Bikes on bridges

    Trek 730 1998 model over Clear Creek in west Coralville on a brand new bike path bridge. Doesn't that Iowa stream water look tasty? Blech. Seriously, if you ever go to Iowa, stay out of the water ways and reservoirs for your own health.
  19. rickpaulos

    Bikes on bridges

    Trek 730 over US Highway 6 in Iowa City near the Veterans Administration Hosptial
  20. rickpaulos

    Bikes on bridges

    Kona Hot (Tom Teesdale built frame)