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  1. Brian macumber

    Twisted typhoon (name change)

    The starting point is this 68 typhoon making it more of a stingray clone so the tyclone. Planning on paint banana seat rear slick and probably some sort of ape hangers. Debating on what forks I have stock ones or a Springer. First up was breaking the frame down seat post and bottom bracket came...
  2. Brian macumber

    Rollchange 2.0

    This was my first build off bike from build off 13. Wasn't never really happy with the way it turned out felt like it was missing something. So I stripped the frame and decided to add a straight bar under the tank.need to get some wire so I can get it welded up and then figure which way I want...
  3. Brian macumber

    Papa's ride

    Started out with a mid 60's stepthrough rollfast cut in half and 3" added like last year but a totally different look Made some custom handle bars from two different ones middle section from kids mongoose bike and outer parts from the original handle bars custom shifter using nexus 4 handgrip...
  4. Brian macumber

    Nexus 4 question

    First experience with a nexus inner 4 and I have couple questions. First does it matter if I turn where the cable goes into point up the seat stay?and my nexus 3 had an adjuster and this 4 didn't when I got it does it need one? This is where I'm talking about .Thanks for your reply
  5. Brian macumber

    Repurposing old stuff

    I found this 1939 firestone radio at a place my cousin was buying that was missing all the guts. He was going to throw it out and I told him I'd take it and do something with it. The veneer was shot so painting it didn't bother me. Figured I would bring it into the modern age and done a little...
  6. Brian macumber

    BO15 Papa's ride

    I have been trying to come up with a build name my grandkids were over few days ago. My granddaughter asked me if i was building a bike like papas taxi I said kinda like it but this was for me to ride. So she said so this is papa's ride so that's where name came from. The starting point is the...
  7. Brian macumber

    New to me shop

    So I've been super busy lately selling our old house and buying another one moving etc. I needed a shop and had been looking on Craigslist and Facebook market place trying to find a used 12x20. Found one and found someone to move it for me the guy told me be there between 2 and 4 o'clock 5...
  8. Brian macumber

    Rat trap rear rack

    Got this rack last weekend anybody know what it might have came off? It has round stays and a rat trap.
  9. Brian macumber

    Lace paint job

    Built a bike for my oldest daughter and thought I'd try my hand at doing a lace paint job on the fenders and chain guard. Think it came out pretty good being my first time doing this .I know I've seen a few but haven't found a thread showing them. So let's see them lace paint jobs.
  10. Brian macumber

    Schwinn typhoon questions

    Not sure if this is considered a muscle bike or what with 20 x 2.125 tires 20" balloon tire? The rear wheel looks heavy duty but the front doesn't is this how they came? Rear wheel is in good shape just few loose spokes front missing a few spokes and lots of loose spokes.
  11. Brian macumber

    Cool 20" 49 schwinn dx

    Don't have money for it but awesome looking bike is that about going rate?
  12. Brian macumber

    62 Columbia Torpedo?

    Picked this up Friday all guy knew was that it was a 60's Columbia. Looking on the cable seen a torpedo that the tank looks like the one on the bike I bought. Searching the serial number (L350938) found that it's a 62. Any input appreciated
  13. Brian macumber

    Favorite car shows

    Besides football my favorite shows to watch are about cars and trucks this is my top 5 in order. 1. Full custom garage 2. Vegas Rat Rods 3. Wrenched 4. Iron resurrection 5. Counts customs So what are some of your favorite?
  14. Brian macumber

    Buying price idea

    A guy had a schwinn stingray at the flea market last weekend looked complete and all original just really crusty. I believe that it is a krate small front wheel springer front original slick on rear single speed. I didn't look it over for serial number cause I didn't have the money on me but...
  15. Brian macumber

    Saw on CL

    Seen this on CL was wondering if anyone knows what it might be and if worth the drive (like hour or so each way) or even worth what they want. Kinda wondering what they bungee cord are on there for.
  16. Brian macumber

    Papa's taxi

    started out with a 50's or 60"s Rollfast step through and a kid hauler I picked up from the flea market . chopped up the frame added three inches stripped the trailer and covered it with sheet metal few more pics
  17. Brian macumber

    Headset size

    I am trying to get a headset for my mid 50's? rollfast stepthrough.I ordered a 1"and it is sloppy loose. So I ordered 1 1/8 and it's a hair to big what size do I need?
  18. Brian macumber

    Papa's taxi

    I decided to build a bike and some thing to haul the grandkids around and figured why not have fun with it. So I got the idea to give it a taxi theme yellow paint checkerboard the whole works. Starting point is the same as last year a mid to late 50's lady's rollfast.I also bought a 2 kid...
  19. Brian macumber

    20 inch cantilever frame

    Seen this today at my friends house and was wondering if anyone knows what it might be? Didn't see any numbers it has probably about 5 layers of paint and didn't want to scratch the paint off something that wasn't mine.
  20. Brian macumber

    Wheel sets

    I have had the one set of wheels and picked up the other this weekend.the first set says Perry England was on a girls rollfast I picked up. The second set I picked up this weekend are sterny archer and a number S36. Is this a 3 speed hub? Any info would be appreciated trying to learn.