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  1. Bugdust

    Show me your trikes!

    Latest pic
  2. Bugdust

    Show me your trikes!

    Long trikes
  3. Bugdust

    Bugdust...northeast in Little Rock

    Dyno frame, springer fork, meridian trike axle and wheels...and another project starts
  4. Bugdust

    Show me your trikes!

    The real question is, "Why don't you have so many trikes?" LOL Honestly, I think I may sell off some of them...or buy more. It's hard to say really. I have 30 trikes now.
  5. Bugdust

    Show me your trikes!

    I just posted all my trikes on The Trike Page on facebook. Here are a few
  6. Bugdust

    Bugdust...northeast in Little Rock

    I have picked up a few more trikes
  7. Bugdust

    Little Rock AR area?

  8. Bugdust

    Bugdust...northeast in Little Rock

    Cool. All my trikes are still in Florida but I have bought a couple bikes since I got here to Little Rock. Anyone local, message me.
  9. Bugdust

    Bugdust...northeast in Little Rock

    Nothing new...currently moving from Florida to Little Rock, Arkansas
  10. Bugdust

    2 - MAXXIS HOOKWORM 24x2.5

    ebay is where I buy mine. It seemed like there was a dry spell last year...could not find them anywhere stateside and shipping from UK is expensive. But, I looked a few weeks ago and there were plenty available on ebay.
  11. Bugdust

    Wanted: MASA Slingshot recumbent trikes

    If you have one or know of one, send me pics, price, location and contact info. Any condition considered, part, project or mint, etc
  12. Bugdust

    What have you been riding lately?

    I was riding my Schwinn Collegiate the most but I have switched to the Sun EZ3 as my go to bike. The red Desoto Classic trike was my daily rider at work but no more. I probably have more miles on my silver MASA Slingshot than any bike I currently own.
  13. Bugdust

    Anyone plan on working on their bike more AFTER the deadline?

    I am still on crutches and trying to get ready to move from Florida to Arkansas. I have accumulated a lot of crap in the 12 years I have owned this My build got put on hold so it will get finished after I move.
  14. Bugdust

    RRBBO13 The Roadmaster

    I still can't stand long enough to do anything but I did find a wagon for the bed. It is just sitting there until I can build the frame under it. This trike should be a good cruiser for me once finished. Eventually, it may get gears and electric assist.
  15. Bugdust

    RRBBO13 The Roadmaster

    I may be moving from Florida to Arkansas very soon so it may take a while to get back to bicycles. Thanks for the comments all.
  16. Bugdust

    RRBBO13 The Roadmaster

    Well, I have to throw in the towel on my first bike build. I will spare you the details but life is kicking my butt right now. Maybe next time.
  17. Bugdust

    Show us your Cars!

    A few of my rides over the years...have owned a lot more. All I have right now is the black '16 F150 and the primered '67 westy project, which is pending sale now
  18. Bugdust

    JC Higgins tandem

    Any idea what this is worth? Would it be better to part it out or a whole? It has Schwinn seats, Columbia pedals, dry Allstate tires, headlights, taillight, part of a JC Higgins speedo . It rides pretty good but needs some love.
  19. Bugdust

    RRBBO13 The Roadmaster

    I had to put the trike together a little to figure out a few things. I will get the rear frame finished but then this project will probably get put on hold due to life. I may be moving to a different state for a job so I have a lot of stuff to get done around here. I have 1.5 acres and 12 years...