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  1. tucker

    The Blockhead

    Welcome. Interesting idea, good start
  2. tucker


    Here it is assemble, not finished I am still waiting on decals and new pedals if I can find some. The was made entirely with parts i had laying around ( except for the paint). the before I The after
  3. tucker


    Painting done, assembly started
  4. tucker

    MacNeil 265c 26 bmx

    I picked this up because my project pile was down to about 150 units, in other words I needed it. It needs a lot of love. It maybe next years bmx build off victim. It is a nice light frame. I will see how many parts I can gather between now and next year
  5. tucker


    I finally got the frame and wheels back from the soda blaster And started painting. Not sure on the color. I found a cast iron color i am going to try on the wheels.
  6. tucker

    Show me your cool little details! ~:The Little Things:~

    Here are a few, a spot light from a 1920’s English taxi, a knife light switch, old cake serving plates, a propeller made from old bolts and a tinker toy piece, and a spittoon and a lock
  7. tucker

    Moulton 4 Speed

    Here is a rare little one made for kids
  8. tucker

    Psycho 78'

    great frame to start with, have fun
  9. tucker

    Bike Art - Wall Hangers - Yard Art - What have you?

    How is this broom coming along, Halloween will be here shortly
  10. tucker


    I have changed the stem, making it closer to bike. And I added pegs to the back. Next I am going to try wheels with 48 spokes and see how that looks.
  11. tucker


    Great start
  12. tucker


    Yes MattI if I did not buy them they would still be counting them. tonite I added the wheels, tires, seat and post. I am not stuck on the wheels ( the color I choose may change my mind) and the stem looks awkward to me. But this is just the mock up, things usually change.
  13. tucker


    Because of the interest in the fork, I started there. I had a little battle getting the stem out.
  14. tucker


    I was working in a bike shop and was just about to start my 3rd inventory there. I new the boss had counted it for the last 10 years. I took it to him and said “ do you want to count this again or do you want to sell it to Me for 20 bucks“. He sold it to me. I did not know who made it, I just...
  15. tucker


    thanks Hamppea for letting me know who made the forks. I will get started on the bike soon.
  16. tucker


    First off let me apologize for the CHEEZY name. The victim is about a 2002 Dyno street series tag. I believe this was designed for department stores. I will attempt to make it a park bike with more interesting components I have lying around. I am in the middle of a kitchen Reno, so reports will...
  17. tucker

    Bike Art - Wall Hangers - Yard Art - What have you?

    I got the broom idea from ratrodder TRM. Details- the Norton is made from a 1966 CCM. One day I was looking at the CCM, and got a vision and there it is. I stretched it about 4 inches. The wheels were in the shed and that’s it. PS it is a horrible thing to ride ( that’s why it is on the wall)...
  18. tucker

    Original owner 1967 Buzz Bike Eliminator

    Killer, looks great
  19. tucker

    Flying Scot Before and After

    Wow nice transformation, great lines Looks awesome