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  1. TheDuke

    Hey Cman!or guy's in his area..

    This summer there should be alot of F-15 activity around your skys and Air Base. Here in Klamath is the last pilot training bases in the US. It's a great plane to see in action but it's active duty is waneing.From April-Oct they are repaving the main runway here so operation's are being...
  2. TheDuke

    BMX Tire Seating ?

    I'm having issues getting my rear tire to seat on my Diamondback's Z-rim. I've tried every trick I know to no avail! :x Is there maybe something I could spray on the wheel to help? Or could the tire just be streached out? :? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!Em
  3. TheDuke

    Skiptooth Help Needed!

    So I started a new job 2 weeks ago and have'nt gotten to my B.O.B. yet, until tonight . Unfortunatly I can't get my chain off//1 :x :x :x The master link won't budge and the Park Link remover won't budge anything! What do you guy's do to get stubbern chain's off :?: Also snapped off a chain...
  4. TheDuke

    My "Higgins"

    The frame for this bike is a Sears Firestone 500(on original chainguard). Date it to around 67' off of the original 3pd Hercules hub. Unable to use that because someone taco'ed the rear wheel.Wish I'd taken a pic! My sister found a free women's bike with a coaster brake that I used for parts...
  5. TheDuke

    Polly's Putt'er-aka Purple People Eater! (new bike)

    Well I guess I'd better get in on this before everyone gets to much of a head start.The patient is a 24"Hiawatha I got from Crasserly in the great selloff of 'ot 8'.It's got the peaked fenders which are so cool they might have to stay! Got a few other ideas in mind but guess I'd better just get...
  6. TheDuke

    Antiques Roadshow

    Was watching my favorite PBS show last night. During an apprasial there was a bike in the background. I was all GIDDY thinking it would show up later in the program. Imagine my dismay when I did'nt see it again! :x :x :x It was white unlike the picture below. Was wondering about these...
  7. TheDuke

    Total Score!!! 6/13

    Answered a Craigslist posting for free bikes. Guy said he had a Fastback that was missing some parts. Been wanting a shifter for a project I have in mind.(possibly B.O.B?)So I was keeping my fingers crossed.Also said he had a 10 speed and a 12" kids bike---Here they are: SCORE!!!!! :D :D...
  8. TheDuke

    $5 Love

    This weekend went garage selling with the wife. Had her watching out for bikes. Spent $4 on the first bike(dark blue) for the nice black coaster brake wheelset and mean knobbies. At one house my lovely bride saw the 5 free bikes first. Only took 3 but am kicking myself for not taking the womens...
  9. TheDuke

    My DiamondBack

    So this is the bike I had as a kid.Built it when I was 12. Copletely ratted it out.Seen so many nice Bmx's lately I wanted my old bike back. WHAT IT BECAME: WHERE IT'S AT NOW: Rode it around the back yard for about 20 min!Felt young for about 5 :oops: :oops: :roll: ! L8 EM
  10. TheDuke

    Scored 2 Trikes!!! riding pic 5/3

    Hit a garage sale and scored!My grandkids are just over a year old so these are for them! Only paid $10 and thats what they wanted a piece! Cost $40 each new at my wifes work! Hopefully my summer scores get bigger and better! :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink: L8 Em
  11. TheDuke

    Black Betty-Rat Racer (new pic 5/6)

    So it's starting to get warm and I want a light bike I can put some serious miles on. Started with the Univega Gran Spirit I found at the dump in Oct. Rode it 10mi to work and relized I hate drop handlebars. My Specialized Crossroads commutter bike has bullhorns so this is what I came up with...
  12. TheDuke

    VeraLynn - My prewar Rollfast-new pic 11/8

    This is a frame I picked up last year from Hootch: Then it looked like this for awhile: Now I've been spraybombing it like crazy building up coats. Been so cold here I've had to sneak her inside to cure between coats. Aquired most of my stuff so I fiqured I'd mock'er up: Konda stalled...
  13. TheDuke

    65 Schwinn Fleet

    Got this bike last week from Backpeddler.(thanks again!)Spent about 5 hrs with steel wool and wd40. Rebuilt the hubs and regreased everything and threw her back together.The frame,guard and fender got a rub in the tub.(while the wife was @ work! :lol: :lol: :wink: ) Threw on the springer forks...
  14. TheDuke

    Tina Fey & a Brezze on Parade

    This was in the paper today. As Ponytail Mike say's"Gotta love the 3 speed!" :lol: :lol: :lol: :oops: L8 EM
  15. TheDuke

    New Shop Light

    Got this Neon light on the bay for $18 total. Love to flip it on when I'm working on bikes at night.Looks real cool from outside! 8) L8 EM
  16. TheDuke

    My 1/2 Pint

    Somebody said Texas only had big handlebars ....well here's some Ory-gun 34 3/4!!!!!!!!!!! L8 EM
  17. TheDuke

    3 Hr. Rat!

    Found this "Pixie Averger" @ a garage sale for $5. Figured it was time to fix'er up. Spent 3 hrs between full tear down repacked every bearing,paint,and a little spitshine! My nephew will be 3 in a few weeks so once the snow melts and I add some training wheels he'll be goo to go! L8 EM
  18. TheDuke

    Mailbox Racer

    This was my first find for $25.Threw some Apes and new tubes on it that's it! During a break from clearing snow from the roof I decided it needed a change. Added a Brooks saddle and flipped some bars. Kinda fun to ride but have'nt had a chance to open her up! :roll: :roll: :cry: :roll...
  19. TheDuke

    Where's Ur Build Off Bike?

    Just Wondering what you guy's have done with your Build Off Bikes? My little Bro was saying when he had the $ he wanted me to build him a bike. So I decided to give him mine for X-mas. I had to change a few thing's.He's 6'4" so the seat and stem had to go up.I returned the quick-releses back to...
  20. TheDuke

    B-day Tank

    So I saw this on Ebay and really wanted it!Being my B-day(6th) I decided it was mine!! :x :P It's an extra long tank(27") that extends past the down tube.Thought it would fit my frame but the curve is a bit off and the downtube notch is back about 1 1/2" from where it should be. :cry: :cry...