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  1. slowriderz

    RRBBO13 Pin Tail Pay Back

    Hello hello! Long time no see! Been a wild and crazy ride over the past few years. Career change family stuff blah blah blah. Hope that i am welcome to join in for the fun of the build off. I always enjoyed the friendships built and the amazing work done each year. Cant wait to flip through what...
  2. slowriderz

    26 x 50 mm nexus 3 speed set

    New 26x50mm 3 speed wheel sets. Shifter set up included. $210 shipped Payment via paypal Contact here or Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  3. slowriderz

    Heavy duty layback seat posts

    Limited run on 13/16 and 5/8 solid laybacks...70 degree and 45 degree. $25 plus shipping!! Contact us here or email to Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  4. slowriderz

    Colored side wall Cruiser tires

    Have some cruiser tires for sale with few different color side walls. 26 x 2.125. Shipping from Cedar Rapids Iowa 52324. Local Pick up welcome. Paypal payment preferred. $32 plus shipping per pair
  5. slowriderz

    26 x 50 mm wheel sets!! 3 speed!!

    Up for sale are a few new 26 x 50 mm wheel sets. Red hoop with black spokes or black hoops with red spoke combos. Nexus 3 speed hub with all the required hardware. These wheels fit very nicely into vintage bikes!! sold in sets only and shipped from Palo Iowa 52324.. feel free to ask any...
  6. slowriderz

    Nexus 3 speed hub

    Shipping from 52324. NIB Nexus 3 speed hub kit. All parts included! Paypal as payment $75 shipped! Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  7. slowriderz

    26 x 80mm 3 speed wheel set

    We have in some NEW 26x80mm wheels 3 speed nexus with all hardware and rim strips included. Red with black spokes. $300 shipping from Cedar Rapids Iowa. Local pick up welcome. Paypal payment preferred
  8. slowriderz

    SOLD Brooks b67 honey black rail

    Brooks b67 honey brown. Shipping from 52324. Palo iowa. Used on show bike. Not even close to broken in. $95 shipped! Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  9. slowriderz

    various sized heavy duty layback seatposts

    I have a few 13/16 posts ready to be bent. shipping from 52402. Cedar Rapids Iowa. $18 plus $8 shipping
  10. slowriderz

    SOLD Worksman Drop loop frame

    Up for sale is a Worksman frame modified with drop loop addition and stretched 5 inches. Worksman stock fork included. Still in unpainted finish. Great project start!!! Shipping from Cedar Rapids Iowa 52324 $150 shipped. Paypal payment preffered
  11. slowriderz

    25.4 / 27.2 Heavy duty seat posts limited avail.

    Found some more stock in 25.4 and 27.2 for seat posts. 5 of each available. Paypal as payment shipping from 52402 Cedar Rapids Iowa. 25.4 = $18 plus $8 shipping 27.2 = $23 plus $8 shipping
  12. slowriderz

    Sturmey 2 speed kick back

    New In Box sturmey Archer 2 speed kick back 36 hole rear hub. Never mounted Shipping from Cedar Rapids Iowa 52324. Paypal as payment $60 shipped
  13. slowriderz

    Custom Ape hangers

    shipping from Cedar rapids Iowa 52402. Paypal as payment Custom made ape hangers .120 wall 7/8 tube. 20 inches tall $80 plus shipping
  14. slowriderz


    Well the time has come to set the torch down per say..... We have decided that we will be shutting down production on the "custom" layback seat posts. We will do small batch runs in the future for our most common posts but will no longer be able to build per request. This will allow us to grow...
  15. slowriderz

    SOLD 30's Hawthorne Flyer $80 shipped!!!!

    Shipping from Cedar Rapids Iowa 52402 30's Hawthorne Flyer frame only. Do not have any other components to this bike. Not sure of exact year. Paint has some nicks but overall a nice frame to start a project. BB and head tube cups will be included. $90 SHIPPED
  16. slowriderz

    Head tubes

    Building a custom frame??? We are now offering mild steel head tubes for 1 inch threaded forks. Pick up a couple of these and simply assemble a frame around them. Its just that easy! ;) We also offer dropouts, bottom brackets and various fab parts. feel free to contact us with any questions...
  17. slowriderz

    Her name is Uno

    After hiding in the dark corners for the past 6 months I thought I would share a bit of what has been going down in the Chop Shop. Last fall I was contacted by Gary at Low Life Bikes asking if I had any interest in entering a build off against 4 other custom bike builders. Knowing that the...
  18. slowriderz

    SOLD Nexus 3 speed CB hubs

    I have a few extra New In Box Nexus 3 speed coaster brake hubs. Shipping from Cedar Rapids Iowa 52324. All components included. Pay pal payment preferred. $65 shipped!
  19. slowriderz

    REDUCED 100mm Wheel hoops / 80mm hoops added

    Looking for a big FAT wheel project???? Well here is a great start! 26 x 100mm double wall hoop set. 36 hole spoke pattern. These are new and have never been laced. Let me know if you have any questions Shipping from Cedar Rapids Iowa 52402 Local pick up is welcome! Paypal payment preferred...
  20. slowriderz

    Girvin - Felt - Crupi - Sturmey Archer 2 spd.

    Few items up for sale. All parts shipping from Cedar Rapids Iowa 52324. Paypal as payment. Fat Tire Ale tap handle = $20 shipped Crupi Zero Offset 1 inch threadless stem = SOLD Used Felt Triple tree fork = Comes with all parts shown ( missing plastic leg caps ) = SOLD...