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    Sacramento Autorama???????NOT THIS YEAR

    I have made a decision not to support the BIKE SHOW at Sacramento Autorama this year unless there is another promoter.This could be such a great show and has so much potential,but unfortunately the guy that promotes it isnt in the scene,doesnt build bikes,doesnt support our local shows around...
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    his and hers big and small schwinns

    My 75 year old neighbors bought these brand new and stoped riding them 15 or more years ago.So they are now mine. and two different swap meets recently brought this set of 1976 bicentenials into my garage.
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    Just a few pics of my riders

    If you cant tell i have a little bike addiction.Haha.But really its dark out and i was down loading my pics onto computer so i thought id share a few.Im here in Nor Cal.
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    rat rod 3wheeler that needs new back end

    It started life as a 60 some middle weight that someone had rewelded on the head tube,not sure why.So i cut off front end and took a girls stingray from pile o bikes and cut front end off that.I then sleeved and rewelded the two back together.It took a little work and a few relief cuts to get...
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    My stingray with tall bars

    The best bikes are ones put together with what you have in the stock pile..
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    building a tank for a 1964 middleweight

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    hand made tanker build

    A boys bike,a girls bike,Some tubing, a bender and a little sheet metal is what i used for parts.I have zero dollars in this build.Its kinda my motto.Keep my budget as low as possible and the bike as cool as possible.I just picked up an old electra with a nexus 3speed.So that mite be the next...
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    1st attempt at posting photos

    My 3 wheeler and satin white chopper at 2010 auto rama
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    I got a chrome situation...I have a tank that was replated and the chrome didnt bond for some reason.I have been able to peel 90% of the bad chrome off with my finger nail. What is a good chemical to loosen the rest of chrome with?? I dont want to sand blast it .
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    DownTownSac ride on the 9th?????

    Anyone interested in riding sat Jan 9th downtown sac(if its not raining)We will meet at 4pm at CesarChavezPark 10th and Jst
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    Lets ride today

    DownTownSac..Anyone interested in rideing this afternoon around 1oclock??? its sunday the 3rd of january.We are meeting at Cesar Chavez Park on J street i think its @7th street.No big ride just looking for people who want to do a last minute ride.I have to test ride my newest creation make sure...