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  1. Nelson J. Caceres

    SOLD Seiss dual handlebar lights

    They will look cool on any bike. This set is NOS but it has some blemishes and shelf wear, still very solid and very cool. Plastic lenses, 6 volt bulbs, tested and working. $100 shipped.
  2. Nelson J. Caceres

    SOLD Schwinn DX tank prewar $285

    All original, very good condition, couple of dents from the truss rods, horn works. $285 shipped. please do NOT post any comments in this ad. Any interest please PM me directly. Thanks.
  3. Nelson J. Caceres

    Nos Delta Horn And Switch For Elgin Twin, Miss America

    NOS condition, both works. $45 shipped for the set.
  4. Nelson J. Caceres

    SOLD Twin Delta Sirver Rays for Schwinn Autocycle springer - Hard to find

    Good condition, no dings or dents. Chrome shows oxidation. Lenses are plastic. Original brackets. $0.00 shipped.
  5. Nelson J. Caceres

    Seiss battery tube very good condition.

    Please check link, I can't post pics here I duno why. Thanks
  6. Nelson J. Caceres

    NOS Seiss battery tube / lights combo

    This set is NOS (was NOS) and it shows great patina. These lights has been out of the box and from shelf to shelf for a long time that the lights have lots of shelfwear, couple of dings and scratches here and there and the white paint is now yellowish. The battery tube is in the same condition...