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  1. dodododa

    POST- war Huffy (Return of Tiki Time Bomb)

    So I picked up this one from a buddy that has told me that it’s a pre-war bike. It’s badged at a huffy with a New Departure rear coaster. I’ve been waiting to build a bike again since Tiki Time Bomb was stolen out of my garage nearly 5 years ago. Tiki Time Bomb is going to be reborn! Also making...
  2. dodododa

    Not new. Just back from being incognito.

    Just got back home from doing "navy" stuff. glad to be back. Ive missed a bunch of stuff but thats what I get lol. I have to order me one of those new awesome shirts now! :mrgreen:
  3. dodododa

    Cork valve stem caps

    So I got bored sitting around the house and decided to so something creative. A buddy and myself are currently redoing his bike and what not but he has boring plastic caps.... And thus a cork valve cap was put into play. Cheap,Easy, and different. So start out with 2 smaller corks. they run...
  4. dodododa

    TiKi Time Bomb

    Well I'd like to say im finally done with this one. The Nexus 3 speed was the last thing on my list and it was all put together today. I'm thinking I might take it to Ham Jam on the 28th just for fun. Time to find another project. Enjoy!
  5. dodododa

    1950's Murrays Girls bike.

    My dad found this laying on the side of my grandfathers house. He said its mine if I want it. Only one problem... To get it from California to where I am stationed in Beaufort SC. Cant beat free though. Although I was informed that my dads 1960's Stingray went to the scrapper. I was really...
  6. dodododa

    Hello from the USN (currently in Beaufort SC)

    I never got around to do this. I was so excited about bike building I just skipped this step. Originally from Huntington Beach CA (born and raised). Used to build Hotrods and Old cars and ect. Economy tanked and I needed a way to support the family. The military had been on my mind for many...
  7. dodododa

    Huffy Panama Jack Springer Fork???

    Hi all. Im a newer member and usually a hotrod builder but i really want to get into building bikes. First off I have a Huffy Panama Jack bicycle that my wife got me last year and I want to do my own rat kinda thing to it. I would really love to put a springer front end on it but im having...