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  1. Oak Tree

    Jamis Boss

    Made some small changes
  2. Oak Tree

    Phantom Menace (aka, the Layoff Special II)

    Re-lace! Don’t replace. it’s a journey, not a race. start saving money, just in case.
  3. Oak Tree

    How do you deal with the big fat tires

    I would go with V brakes cuz you are halfway there and said that you could braze. However I don’t have experience with a motorized build so don’t know about stopping power needed there.
  4. Oak Tree

    Rusted chain salvage.

    Don’t use vinegar!! Even though horsefarmer says he has had good results- Don’t do it!!! It only took my 1” pitch chain 12 hrs to completely fall apart in vinegar. it was perfectly functional too- just a little rusty.
  5. Oak Tree

    Repair or Trash SUMO Bike Rim

    I’ve done both-cleaned up old spokes and bought new. Effort-I’d buy new. Original Equipment value-there’s little in my opinion, I’d buy new. Take this opportunity and get some different color nipples while u r at it.
  6. Oak Tree

    RatRod skateboard!

    That’s a thick slice of awesome with gravy. thank you sir
  7. Oak Tree

    Brisbane's Wynnum-Manly Foreshore

    Awww, Brissy mate. I’ll take a flat white and a sanger
  8. Oak Tree

    RatRod skateboard!

    ride video please sir
  9. Oak Tree

    Coffee, Sunrise, November - All good!

    I spent time there. Mostly trying to chase things. One was an education, another was a job. There where other things too... Did they bring Mac Davis back like he hoped for?
  10. Oak Tree


    Yea, great little flick. that was filmed around Manly Beach, right?
  11. Oak Tree

    Oh Chrome, where art thou?

    Found out why they painted chrome
  12. Oak Tree

    Oh Chrome, where art thou?

    Spent a little time doing this today
  13. Oak Tree

    Any headset experts out there?

    A cheap set of calipers will get you a long way. I acquired some couple years ago and don’t know how I made it without them. They are easily in my top 10 most used tool list.
  14. Oak Tree

    Strandie Cruiser BMX?

    Yes sir. Dats nice. And these are fun to ride too
  15. Oak Tree

    Mutant Fork

    Ok verdicts in. sheldon brown to some mountain bike forum to cane creek headsets which said NOPE, it ain’t gonna happen like I want it to. It be like the Captain said. So thanks guys. Looks like I’m cutting the taper off
  16. Oak Tree

    Big Ol' Lot - Complete Bikes and Parts

    My feedback is that Michigan local sales remove most of us...
  17. Oak Tree

    Mutant Fork

    Yes, well I think it’s a tapered steer tube. Top is 1 1/8” and bottom is 1 3/8”. I bought it as just the fork so not sure what it was designed for. Kid that I bought it from said he pulled it off a dirt jumper.
  18. Oak Tree

    Mutant Fork

    Thanks for the lead, good Dr, but after scrolling past 22 pages!!! I found that the king of fishes needed 1 1/8” bearing cups to fit an old head tube. That’s slightly less of a problem than I have. A 1 3/8” bottom bearing is madness. Im thinking I may cut off the steer tube and weld on an old...
  19. Oak Tree

    Alchemist Custom Bicycles Gallery

    The steel ball cap is something I ain’t never seen. Very cool. Does it have a liner of any kind?
  20. Oak Tree

    Mutant Fork

    Just acquired such an animal cuz it’s a straight bmx fork for some future build. Seems it needs a 1 3/8” bottom bearing in the headset and a 1 1/8” top bearing?? Does anyone have advice on what headset (with cups) that I will need to buy? Maybe provide a suggested product or link? I’m planning...