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  1. GarveyJ

    Crank Set for a 1950's Schwinn Panther

    I've had the bike build going for too long, need a crank set to get this on the road this summer. Let me know if you have one you want to part with.
  2. GarveyJ

    Found 1950's Straight Bar Frame

    I'm a newbie and I am looking for a Panther straight bar frame and came across this one for $50. The serial number dates it back to 1950 but not sure what the model was. Do all the models that have a straight bar frame from 1950's use the same frame? Looks like a good find but just wondering...
  3. GarveyJ

    Panther Straight Bar Frame

    I have been thinking about doing my first rat rod klunker build for over a year now, looking at different bikes I finally decided to go for it based on some Panther builds I saw on this site, I love the curved and straight bar combo. So I am looking for a early 50's panther frame to kick off my...