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  1. Ball dragged

    Rusty & Krusty

    Every year since 2013 I've watched the build-offs, this was my first year and I had a great time. On this build, I wanted it to be ratty, so I tried to use all older bike parts. The rear tire and grips are the only new parts used... Parts used: 1. 1938 Wards-Hawthorne Twin Bar Frame, 2...
  2. Ball dragged

    BO15 Rusty&Krusty

    Hey everyone, I started this build in Class 2 and was told that if I was not cutting or modifying the frame I could do Class 1 so here I am. I’m building a 1938 Hawthorne. I’ve had this for 35+ years. It’s been sitting on the top shelf of my garage for the last 15 years. Time to get this thing...