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  1. pedal4416

    2020 GT Pro Series 26" Heritage Series

    Picked up one of these and Im loving it so far. I changed a few parts and will change some more to make it custom. The frame is 6061 aluminum and ill most likely strip the paint and polish it.
  2. pedal4416

    SOLD 96 Gt Mach One Frameset

    I’ve got this 96? GT frameset. Has a few small scratches and some rust but would clean/polish up really well. Stickers look good from 5ft away, any closer and you can see the cracking from heat/age. Handle bars have the most rust and a tiny ding in cross bar. Seat guts are for the 9mm dropnose...
  3. pedal4416

    96 GT Mach One

    Went to pick up an all original 93 GT Mach One that was supposed to be rideable. After finding it was a 96...hours of cleaning, greasing, new freewheel and other parts it is now RIDEABLE!! Still needs a few parts. Started dusting off my old BMX gear and I think I might race it this weekend at...
  4. pedal4416

    I’m going to meet Cru Jones from RAD!

    There’s an Old School BMX show and race in Katy TX on March 2nd and Bill Allen (Cru Jones) will be there!! I just won a signed VIP pass and I’m really excited!! I grew up watching Rad, probably seen it 3 million times. When I was a kid I ate KIX every morning wearing my JT BMX gloves. Meeting my...
  5. pedal4416

    Bikes - projects

    I’ll keep adding bikes as I get pictures. They all need some work, have scratches and some rust, Great projects!!! I will part bikes out, but it’s cheaper to buy complete! SHOOT ME OFFERS!!! SOLD!!! Jamis Boss 26” cruiser. I call it a poor mans SE!! Great candidate for a 26” BMX. Sweet looptail...
  6. pedal4416

    1982 Mongoose

    My parents bought me this bike in 1987-89ish at a garage sale. It was in mint original condition and it was my first non-department store bike (besides antique bikes). I rode the sh*% out of it and eventually changed the grips, seat, tires, and lost the front brake. I just unboxed it and starded...
  7. pedal4416

    SOLD SRAM NX 11spd Praxis kit

    Praxis 1x crank 30t narrow wide ring. SRAM NX shifter and rear derailleur. KMC 11spd chain. SunRace 11spd 11-42 cassette. Parts have under 100miles on them. Some minor scratches from normal use. No heavy trail riding, forest service roads. Fits shimano freehub body. $175 shipped
  8. pedal4416

    40’s 24” Schwinn Excelsior DX

    24” DX Excelsior badged Balloon tire bike. All original except seat, bars, and grips (tires too??) would clean up nicely. I fixed a few fender dents years ago and made it rideable. Front tire has a split, I glued it and rode it 5 miles. I don’t want to sell it (bought it for my daughter) but my...
  9. pedal4416

    Texas- College Station Bryan

    I know there’s a couple clubs in Texas but as you all know Texas is huge!! I’m looking for people a little closer to me to ride/build with. I’m going to travel a bit this fall to make it to some other rides. Anyone near College Station / Bryan Texas?
  10. pedal4416

    SOLD 16” mini stingray coaster krate

    Here’s a fun little project, or leave it and ride it! 78 or 79 can’t remember Schwinn mini stingray with a 20” fork and a 12” front wheel. The forks, sissy bar and pedals are newer. Post is an older wald. wheels and tires are newer. The cranks, B.B., areoriginal, the stem is a 69. I’ll check the...
  11. pedal4416

    Rat Whizzer Part Out

    Frame, 50’s wasp with kickstand ripped off (small hole) and non factory belt notches. Badge not included. $90 shipped Fork, 24” whizzer. Missing 3 nuts and steerer has a small split. $250 shipped SOLD Wheels, 24” S-2’s with Schwinn front hub and perry rear. Slightly wobbly. Tires are newer...
  12. pedal4416

    1936? Monark silverking

    Men's silverking project. I started cleaning it up then I got bored. Some scratches and a small dent on bottom of middle tube. Freddy's name engraved onto it. Lots of character. Wald fenders. NOS wald stem. OG aluminum men's bars and truss rods. OG hubs laced to OG rims withstainless spokes...
  13. pedal4416

    SOLD 61 Schwinn Speedster Springer

    61 schwinn Speedster with dealer option springer fork. Really clean. All original except the wald handle bars, Stingray slimline grips, and I just added the red S seat. Needs a rear fender. I wiped it down with soapy water, the radiant red would polish up real nice. Needs a rear fender. $225...
  14. pedal4416

    61 schwinn TRADED!! Speedster Springer bike for your?

    I have this really clean 61 Speedster with dealer option springer fork. Needs a rear fender (Id also like to find this fender..) Trade for your 60's Stingray or something cool.
  15. pedal4416

    SOLD 24" schwinn project

    24" schwinn balloon tire project. Fenders look to be wald. $150 shipped or trade for stingray or prewar stuff.
  16. pedal4416

    The Vintage Peddlers Monthly Ride Richland WA

    We will be meeting at TC's bike shop 1442 Jadwin ave, Richland WA at noon and leaving for the ride at 12:30, heading to Columbia point then to Somewhere good for lunch!! PM me with any questions hosted by The Vintage Peddlers!!! May 31.
  17. pedal4416

    47 Whizzer build- 50's RAT!

    I have this fully rebuilt 47 Whizzer Engine that Im slowly building up. I recently got some motor mounts for it and a few parts that I have gathered for it over the past few years and mocked it up on a DX frame. I plan on building this bike up using 40's and 50's parts. I want it to look like a...