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  1. roadwarrior


    It's been 3 years now? I finally got the parachute! I made the bracket yesterday and packed the chute today. Not an easy task to pack one on a bike. Two people required. Next step is make the release lever and cable.
  2. roadwarrior

    Turning Japaneese MBB0-VI, Class II

    My entry for the build off. Unknown year, 20" Royce Union. I know nothing of this company but the frame was a deal and I think I can make a cool muscle bike out of this. I'm thinking 5 speed with 20-16's, custom forks and a cool banana seat. I love the neat looking brass head badge. My one...
  3. roadwarrior

    RRB0 XII Cherry Bomb!

    It seems I can't change the order of the pictures with this new photo uploading. I had a great time with this build. Enjoy the pics! GOTTA' RUN!!!!!
  4. roadwarrior

    CHERRY BOMB! Lighting her off! *DONE*

    A bit of a delayed start for me. I was busy last week with work and packing bikes and parts for the Trexlertown, Pa. swap meet. I picked up this bike last year when I was on honeymoon. I think it is a Flightliner. I think it will clean up pretty well. It has some light rust on it and a lot of...
  5. roadwarrior

    1966 Fastback (clean it, ride it)

    I picked this complete original Fastback a couple of weeks ago. It is rusty and crusty. No searching for NOS parts. I'll clean up what is on it, replace the tires and tubes, and it will be a survivor rider. This is one of the mis-stamped frames that was produced, single letter followed by the...
  6. roadwarrior

    1964 or 1966 Schwinn Fastback ???

    Here is the issue with this serial #. Is it a February 1964 Fastback or a February 1966? We all know the Fastback's were not available until 1966. The Schwinn Lightweight Data Book states: ** Note: A_ = January 1966, B_ = February 1966 ("A" or "B" with a blank stamping in the 2nd position. 1/24...
  7. roadwarrior

    SOLD Schwinn 5 Speed Stik-Shift, Shimano 3 Speed Click-Stick, Columbia 5 Speed Click Shift

    I have these 3 shifters I recently purchased. I'm not making any profit from these. I only want to sell them for what I paid for them since I decided I'm not going to use them. NOTICE** ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING TO LOWER 48. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING WILL BE HIGHER. PM ME AND I CAN GET YOU A...
  8. roadwarrior

    My brother's bike build (FINISHED)

    I posted in fresh finds when I picked up the '69 Schwinn Stardust and also showed the '74 Fastback that I picked up last year. This is a project I have wanted to do for a long time. Rewind to December 1966 my brother got this brand new 1966 Schwinn Stingray Fastback 5 speed bike. Violet with...
  9. roadwarrior

    Stardust e-score for Fastback parts

    I just picked this up from evilbay. It is a 1969 Schwinn Stardust with a S.A. 3 speed hub. I had wanted to try and score a 5 speed Fastback but the bidding went beyond my budget. This Stardust had the better chrome rims and fenders so it will work better for my project. I had purchased a...
  10. roadwarrior


    2016 was a rough year for bike building for me. The main reason was work with time away for my wedding and honeymoon. 2017 probably won't be any easier, work wise, but I'm gonna' give it a shot to finish this project. MBBO-11...
  11. roadwarrior

    (MBBO#5, Class II) My Generation

    Started with a 1968 Sears, 24", 10 Speed Muscle Bike that I bought on Facebook from Kevin Larson at Vintage Bicycles, Parts and Accessories. I was able to get my Shimano Automatic 5 hub (from my Ramcharger bike build) apart and laced on a new wheel. I scored some NOS parts i.e., Shimano Eagle...
  12. roadwarrior

    (MBBO#05 Class II) My Generation (DONE, w/ wheelie pics)

    I recently purchased off of Facebook V.B.P.A., this 1968 Sears Spyder 10 speed, 24" bike. (I love these frames) It's missing a bunch of parts but a good starting point. Last year I had a Shimano Automatic 5 Overdrive hub I could not get apart. Well I got it apart and respoked with some 12g's. It...
  13. roadwarrior

    1961, Chain Bike Corporation, Thunderjet

    I picked this bike up a couple of weeks ago for the wife. It is amazingly well kept and looks great. For some reason the red band Bendix hub would not turn the wheel. It could be cranked forward and backwards without any movement of the wheel! I took it completely apart and found it caked and...
  14. roadwarrior

    Honeymoon and bike finds=score!

    While on our honeymoon we went and visited my brother. His wife's father had a barn with several bikes in it. Her mother said I can have them all. They will all be here eventually. My brother will load them up and bring them up to me for the cost of fuel. Several gems in the bunch. I managed to...
  15. roadwarrior

    Blue Max (tank & chain)

    Here is my entry for the build. I did not start early, I got the frame from "ind-chuckz" back in March already painted. It is a Worksman, M-2600 frame. The blue hue made the choice of the build name. For the first time I will attempt to motorize a bike. I have a good portion of the parts...
  16. roadwarrior

    1969 Schwinn Fastback find... and did not buy

    I went to a couple of local flea markets today looking for items for the BOEleven build and spied this gem. Seller says it's all original and he is asking $600 for it. Looks good and that seems to be a very reasonable price, but I had to pass. Anyone here in the area may want to try and scoop it...
  17. roadwarrior

    It was free

    I had been driving by this dudes house for a few months on my way to and from work. I spied through his fence he had a few bikes behind his shed. I finally caught the guy home so I stopped. He mostly had newer bikes but this oldie caught my eye and I asked if he would part with it and how much...
  18. roadwarrior

    Let's see your snow covered bikes or fun in the snow with bikes!

    With winter storm JONAS whipping the NE US I thought it would be neat to see if any one is enjoying the weather outside.:banana: My back patio was not as safe from this blowing snow.
  19. roadwarrior

    Fastback and Scrambler aquisitions + some parts! A WOODEN WHEEL!

    While at work the other night scrolling through Facebook I came across this guy that had a Schwinn Fastback for sale. I made an offer on the bike and asked him to call me. He called and discussed the bike. He had another guy with the same amount offered and was going to get him a shipping quote...
  20. roadwarrior

    (Class I, MBBO-IV) Deutsch Muscle Fahrrad

    German Muscle Bike