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  1. TheDuke

    Old , but new !

    Howdy & Welcome!
  2. TheDuke


    I love the bike Hooch,but it's screaming for a small set of longhorn's mounted up front!
  3. TheDuke


    That would be me! :lol: :wink: Another fun project to watch! Keep up the fine work,Uncle S! 8)
  4. TheDuke

    RoadMaster Diesel: Build Completed! + a few extra pics!

    Re: RoadMaster Diesel Great start Joey! I'd mount the tires and call it done,but your more creative than that! :lol:
  5. TheDuke

    Mini Rat!!

    Looks Awesome, but I suggest a wheelie bar like Karfer's 1/2pint!
  6. TheDuke

    First bite of a Burrito (riding pics)

    Re: First bite of a Burrito (mock up pics) That is looking very WICKED! 8) If only I could weld! :roll:
  7. TheDuke

    ELGIN- B-Bomb

    Very nice Cman! 8)
  8. TheDuke

    Vintage Schwinn Tandem

    Nice Score! My Schwinn Tandem is an early 70's and the s.n is on the headtube.Yours is much earlier so I'd check the rear dropouts.Enjoy that one! 8)
  9. TheDuke

    push cart bike!

    That thing is choice! At that price I'd grab it in a heartbeat! Shipping would be a killer though! :wink:
  10. TheDuke

    1950 pope kid's trike gone rat

    Anothe Great One Karfer! Does'nt the Brook's gear make that a spendy trike?
  11. TheDuke

    Hey Cman!or guy's in his area..

    This summer there should be alot of F-15 activity around your skys and Air Base. Here in Klamath is the last pilot training bases in the US. It's a great plane to see in action but it's active duty is waneing.From April-Oct they are repaving the main runway here so operation's are being...
  12. TheDuke

    Now with PICS 95 Gary Fisher Grateful Dead bike

    I'd just clean'er up and clearcoat to protect the OG paint! Nice find! 8)
  13. TheDuke


    +1 :mrgreen:
  14. TheDuke

    that time of year again

    Nice fish Mark! Thank's for reminding me to go get my fishing & hunting licence for the year! :wink:
  15. TheDuke

    My 2009 Finds

    I don't know what that red one is,but it look's very nice!Great finds Skoda! :mrgreen:
  16. TheDuke

    my new Roadmaster Luxury Liner (updated pics pg. 2)

    Re: my new Roadmaster Luxury Liner! Great Score Joeymac! How about a riding pic on the small version? :lol:
  17. TheDuke

    Elgin motorbike build finished and at the gallery

    Re: Elgin motorbike build Wow! Uncle Stretch calling out fellow Elgin builder's! :lol: Look foward to all of your build's. :wink:
  18. TheDuke

    Hello from southern Wisconsin!

    HELLO & WELCOME!Be carefull though-those thing's will multiply like rabbit's! :wink:
  19. TheDuke

    Pipe Smokers Unite! (Tobacco Pipes!)

    That's a great looking pipe Locojoe! 8) Who's the maker?
  20. TheDuke

    Got direction then BAM a wife's opinion

    :shock: GREAT SCOTT! :shock: I'm unemployed and broke and you come out of retirement :P .Guess when the snow clears I'll be riding many miles picking up cans to fill the piggybank to try to make my dream of owning an "Uncle Stretch Custom"! :wink: ps-I like the idea of a burrito build but those...