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  1. Mark Davo

    Very Nice* Rear Hubs -$30 Each Shipped

    All have been completely disassembled, inspected, cleaned and greased. $5 My cost for each pre-cleaned hub $15 Labor & materials $10 Shipping and handling in the CONUS ------------------------------------------------------------------ $30 Total per hub - Payable by personal check or USPS money...
  2. Mark Davo


    Any 2 reflectors of your choice only $25 w/free shipping in the CONUS!!! Yep, you read that right. Personal checks/cash/USPS money orders only. Top row is First row.
  3. Mark Davo

    Rebuilt Rear Hubs, and some downright purdy ones at that!

    Perry B-100 Rear Hubs Beautiful!!! One 36 hole and one 40 hole. Completely rebuilt. Fully lubed since these photos were taken. Ready to roll. $20 each plus $7 shipping in CONUS. $7 total shipping if you buy both. Personal check/cash/USPS money order. Sorry No Paypal.
  4. Mark Davo

    Wanted Shelby Bisquit Light and Tank

    Looking for a patina bisquit headlight and tank for this bike!
  5. Mark Davo

    Custom Reflectors - More Styles

    TWO OF THESE BEAUTIES AVAILABLE High quality, gently used polished chrome parts and magnified reflector setup combined to give you greater nighttime visibility and style. $27.95 each includes shipping to the lower 48. Sorry no Paypal. Personal check or USPS money order only.
  6. Mark Davo


    ....with my handcrafted hypnotic jewels. I can't guarantee that you'll have the same success as I did, but if all else fails, you can use them as reflectors on your classic or custom bike. $20 each with free shipping to the lower 48. NO PAPAL! Personal checks or USPS money orders OK though.
  7. Mark Davo

    Custom Vintage "Drillium" Reflectors

    Double click images for better detail! Designed with the classic bike in mind, these handmade custom reflectors combine new faceted reflective acrylic jewels with quality chrome vintage bicycle hardware* (waxed bare metal matte finish on #3 and #5). $20 each plus USPS shipping with tracking...
  8. Mark Davo

    Front Axles & Hardware

    19 front axles & hardware. All have been superficially degreased but not cleaned, and would certainly benefit from an OA bath. To the best of my knowledge all have usable parts with VERY FEW exceptions on one part or another, but they are included to keep all parts together. No Schwinn or New...
  9. Mark Davo

    REDUCED Schwinn 28 Hole Rear Hub

    This Schwinn Approved hub has been completely gone through, works perfect and ready to roll. Chrome is VERY nice on this one, but there is one small nick in shell as seen in last photo. Cog and brake arm will be disassembled for shipping to keep cost down (they will be included). $32.50 shipped...
  10. Mark Davo

    28 Hole New Departure Rear Hubs

    Both have been completely gone through and are ready to roll. Chrome is VERY nice on these, although not mint. Cog and brake arm will be disassembled for shipping to keep cost down (yes, they will be included). $35.00 each. Shipped priority in the lower 48. Either a personal check or USPS money...
  11. Mark Davo


    These custom hand-crafted pink reflectors will look great on any classic ladies bike with patina. Valentines Day? Repurposed from used bike parts and do show some wear. Photos don't do these justice, can't seem to get a good one. Gotta ask $20 shipped for each to cover postage in the lower 48...
  12. Mark Davo


    I've tried these reflectors on several different sets of grips, and they seem to look the best on Schwinn Heavyweight grips. I love mine. Makes my bike look even tougher, don't you think? $37.50 a pair with free shipping in the CONUS (cheaper than if purchased separately). Your choice of red...
  13. Mark Davo


    New 3/4" reflectors in Red, Amber and Blue that I combined with old bicycle hardware. These will look great on any one of your prized patina and/or rat bikes. FREE SHIPPING in the CONUS. Payment by USPS MONEY ORDER or PERSONAL CHECK. Sorry no Paypal. PRICED TO SELL!!! Your choice of any one...
  14. Mark Davo

    Shiny Reflector

    Overall very shiny w/very minor dulling around nut, photo only makes this reflector look speckled. Housing made from nice old bicycle hardware with new 3/4" reflector. $17.50 shipped in the CONUS. Payment with USPS MONEY ORDER or PERSONAL CHECK only. Sorry, no Paypal.
  15. Mark Davo

    Schwinn 120 Gauge High Flange Front Hub

    Note: Photos make chrome on this hub appear scratchier than it really is. Chrome is pretty nice on flanges, not as shiny in center, but no rust or pitting anywhere. Hairline in chrome across 5 holes as seen in first photo (starting @11:00 and going to 4:00). Some or all guts incorrect as I...
  16. Mark Davo

    4 sets of Schwinn Grips

    Teardrop design. All in nice rider condition. $20 per set shipped CONUS. Prompt payment requested by personal check or USPS money order, sorry no paypal. Grips will be shipped immediately when payment is received.
  17. Mark Davo

    SOLD Prewar Hawthorne Bent Tank

    This tank is going to require some TLC, but it looks pretty straight. Tank fits both CW & Snyder built bent tank frames. There is a fair amount of flaking rust on the inside, and I do see one pinhole on the bottom of one side. There is a factory drilled hole in front of tank for a wire. There is...
  18. Mark Davo

    sling ad

    I'm gettin' tired of that nasty looking guy always glaring at me in the sling ads.
  19. Mark Davo

    40's? Heavy-duty Headlight/Spotlight?

    This was on my Simplex motorbike when I purchased it. Wasn't the correct for my bike, great light though. Rust and dent free with very nice lens, reflector, bezel and housing. Marked K-D Lamp Co. Cincinnati, Ohio, Model 853. Untested. Paint overspray on lens can be scraped off. $65 shipped...
  20. Mark Davo

    Please Delete This Thread

    FOR SALE AS LOT FRONT ROW - All in good condition, but haven't been cleaned. MIDDLE ROW - Rider quality. One glitter has chip out of front end of bottom. One red has split in middle of top ridge, should be fine when mounted. BACK ROW - Need mates but in decent condition. $50 SHIPPED CONUS...