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  1. LBCJ

    DURALIUS- 1936 Wards Hawthorne

    That’s right, there’s two! I made a bunch of hints along the way but nobody caught on. Just to be clear, this is not two entries, only the men’s bike is up for the vote. The Ladies bike is simply a prop or doodad! Detail shots in the next post. Thank you for looking! Build thread here...
  2. LBCJ

    BO15 DURALIUS - 1936 Wards Hawthorne- Done. BOTH Of Them!

    Am I late to the party? I decided to jump in with just under a month to go. I have this Wards Hawthorne that I'm going to throw into the ring. When I got it, it was set up sort of BMX/street fighter/ strandieish. my plan is to bring it back toward stock with a few semi-correct parts, some more...
  3. LBCJ

    Cheep Teena

    Build Thread: Cheep Teena is an exercise in using only readily available parts that can be obtained cheaply and easily and making them look like something custom that may have been around in this...
  4. LBCJ

    RRBBO13 Cheep Teena- Completed! Tons O Photos

    Hey everyone. I'm finally back after getting a hard earned 5th place in RRBBO11 and taking last year off. I have a '36 Hawthorne Duralium that I'm itching to build, but I have little to no time so this '80 Schwinn will have to do. I'm actually killing two birds with one stone. I do a poker...
  5. LBCJ

    The 12 Year Project- 20's Shelby- Bare Bones, Bare Metal, Barely Finished!

    Well, I think I made it- Half an hour early instead of half an hour late like last time I entered. Had to shoot too early since it was the last day but I think everyone will get the idea. I'm going to go ahead and publish this now! Thanks for looking!
  6. LBCJ

    The 12 Year Project- Bare Bones, Bare Metal & Barely In the Finished Thread!

    Hey all, been lurking around here for several years now, and joined up in 2012 for the build off, and attempted a one-week build of a board trackish '55 Schwinn Racer, but a crashed computer made me a half hour late so I was out. Going for it again this year a little earlier, with a frame that...
  7. LBCJ

    The "Nuthin Special"

    Okay, first off, I've been lurking forever but I'm new to posting so go easy on me! Second, Yes. Yes I am attempting to do this (my first) build in less than two weeks (started Thursday) Hey, like I always say, "If it weren't for the last minute..." The frame I'm using is a '55 Schwinn Racer...
  8. LBCJ

    Long time listener, first time caller.

    Hey, I'm Jeremy from Long Beach, CA. Been lurking on RRB for a long time now, and been building bikes since I was eight years old. I build bikes as a hobby and for people around town, and put on a bike ride/pub crawl/poker run/charity fundraiser every year in my home town. I will add to this...