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    Yep Wildcat. 1960.
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    1950 Spiegel Airman, Monark built Rocket style bike. When I found it about 10 years ago, it was only frame, fork & fenders. I loved it for the Single Spring Monark Fork. I tore it down then and had the frame & fork powder coated but didn't like the way the color turned out so it went to the...
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    Felt Cruiser

    The red wheels are 26" x 55mm Felt wheels & tires off one of the Felt New Belgium bikes.
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    DX Rat!

    Not so much a fresh find as it is a fresh re-find. I built this old rat about 5 or 6 years ago. Had it at the Greaserama car show 4 years ago and a friend wanted it so I sold it to him. He has had a change in hobby priorities and ask if I wanted it back. Simple but fun!
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    BO15 Airman

    I have used OA (aka wood bleach) on rusty painted parts with pretty good success. also have used Evaporust on smaller chrome parts & a brass brush wheel or 0000 steel wool for heaver rust on chrome. But not much of that was used on this project except the fork chrome.
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    BO15 Airman

    The chain guard graphic should be like this.
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    BO15 Airman

    Finally got a little fun shop time in and got the bracket painted, and chainguard & original paint tank installed. I'm not considering it done yet, although close. With a little more time, I'd still like to get the chain guard graphic paint stencil done. And think about touching up some of the...
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    BO15 Freedom Rider

    Love the name and inspiration behind the build!
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    BO15 Rusty&Krusty

    Very cool frame, glad you are here in Class 1 and not cutting that up. Love the build.
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    BO15 Airman

    Finally got a little wrench time in. Used a seat, bars & grips I had laying around. Tires are John's US Royal Chain, wheels are not correct Lobdell for monark, but again used what I had for now. Can't wait for swapmeet time again to hopefully find correct parts. At the last minute I realized I...
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    BO15 Airman

    Mid-coast Surfing is not all its cracked up to be. But I'm ready anyway!
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    BO15 Airman

    Well, I haven't got much of anything new done on the build off Airman. I got kinda side tracked with another painting project. Thought I'd post it since its sort of related since these 2 his & her bikes I'm doing to match my '56 Dalton canned ham trailer are also Airman badged Monarks like the...
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    BO15 SteamRoller - Finished 1st THANKS!! - CompareTwinWinsVerBotenSteamRoller

    I'm a Monark guy from the git-go, and I'd of never thought to use the fork for a suspension sissy bar. Brilliant, just Brilliant!
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    BO15 Reborn from the Ashes

    That was such a great Cycle Truck. Can't wait to see you work your magic again!
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    lets see those old school / custom shifters.

    I made this one a few years back for a manual 2 speed Bendix.
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    BO15 Airman

    That's my shop dog Lily, yes named after Lily Munster. she thinks the diner booth seat is her sofa!
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    SOLD New Felt Thick Brick Black Wall tires

    White pair SOLD!
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    SOLD New Felt Thick Brick Black Wall tires

    These tires are getting harder to find now that Felt is no longer making and selling them. They are New Felt Thick Brick tires, 24" X 3", I have 1 pair of Black Wall tires left. $110 for a pair shipped from KC, FedEx to CONUS only. Or $140 shipped with a pair of 24" x 3" tubes added.
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    BO15 Sharp21 and the Snoozer Cruiser

    Hi Sharp21, If you are missing the old bikerodandkustom page as I was, check out John Brain's History of Kustom Biking Face Book page. Looking forward to your build.