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  1. RyanPartridge

    seatpost size question...

    Has anyone ever seen a 7/8(22.2) seatpost that tapers at the top to 5/8"? Basically I'm looking for a 7/8 seatpost with a 5/8 top for running a pre-war antique seat. Does this exist? Or do I have to run a shim with a 13/16 post that tapers to 5/8...? Appreciate any help!
  2. RyanPartridge

    Bendix dished cogs?

    Did Bendix make dished cogs for use with a Red Band? I have a bunch of dished cogs for Sturmey and F&S hubs but they don't work on a Bendix. All the Bendix I find are flat with no dish... *note - I'm talking about the ones with 3 little nubs that sit in the grooves.
  3. RyanPartridge

    Laguna cruiser....found!!!

    I woke up yesterday around 5AM to get the coffee percolatin' and check emails. I find a PM on the Museum waiting for me from a fella named Jay in Australia that basically says, "Hey Ryan, since you're into cruisers check out this link...". It's an ad posted the night before for a Laguna cruiser...
  4. RyanPartridge

    1978 Gary Littlejohn Fireroad cruiser

    I'm not finished yet, still looking for the Takagi MX cranks and sprocket I really want but it's ready and rollin'. I built it with a mix of old used parts and some NOS stuff. Since I ride my cruisers so much I like things to run smooth so the hubs, bottom bracket and headset are all NOS packed...
  5. RyanPartridge

    Which oil for a Sachs Torpedo Duomatic hub?

    I'm looking for advice on what oil to use for regular maintenance on a 1968 Sachs Torpedo Duomatic 2 speed kickback hub. :?: The hub has the little oil fitting for easy access. Anyone use Phil Wood Tenacious oil?
  6. RyanPartridge

    1979 Bassett Cruiser...Cal Custom style

    Howdy fellas. Thought I'd share my latest bike build. It's not exactly a "rat rod", more like a Cal Custom or SoCal Strandie but it's a 26" cruiser so maybe some of you can dig it. I come from a BMX background so that should make my parts choices make more sense. It may look like just another...