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  1. XC204

    Mini Chopper

    I just got done with this 12" kids bike it was going to be for the little grandson but he can ride the 16" trek now so I thought I would give it to a little guy who just lost his grandfather rebuilt the Springer and PC it gloss black, cut the cross bar off of the handle bars and PC it in super...
  2. XC204

    12" Springer Fork

    I have this springer I built for the grandson but he's out grown it so I sand blasted and powder coated in gloss black fits the typical 12" kids bike from Walmart or the like. Turns them into a slick looking ride for your little guy. All hardware is stainless also. I will look up the build...
  3. XC204

    Colson Loop Tail Flat Tracker?

    I ended up doing a Shelby for the charity auction so just been riding this as is pretty much. Going for a flat dirt track moto look. Got the parts and have stripped the frame and welded on coaster brake bracket.
  4. XC204

    Spot Rocker 29er ss

    I got this frame from a friend that had this 2012 never used 17.5" frame. Spot is Colorado (Golden) company and way way out of my price range ! I just had to build it up but on a budget... So so Internet / parts stash / bike swap shopping I went. Got some new take off wheels from a Canondale ss...
  5. XC204

    Hot Wheels 24 x 3.00 Tires

    Hi guys just checking in to see if any one would be interested in some out of production Felt Hot Wheels tires 24 x 3.00 with no or very limited use perfect condition no mars or smudges $80 shipped or trade for Felt 24 x 3.00 black walls in same cond.
  6. XC204

    Shelby Eagle

    On the way to work today on my bike garage sale find. I bought the Shelby and couldnt justify (I'm Cheap) two bikes but he still has the Lasale 1930's bike with badge.
  7. XC204

    20" Tornado for Grandson

    Just got this done for the grandson started with this rough mucked up 1959 Tornado. did the powder coating with my frame oven and new gun from Columbia Coatings in my street rod style.
  8. XC204

    This sections kinda

    Skipton,Oldgreaser,Ratina and I did this one a few years ago it's missing a few pictures but most are there.
  9. XC204

    Local motorized bike builder

    Saw these on the way home from work last Fri local motorcycle builder that's been turning out these patina builds. Has patterns made for canti frames and mtb frames. Cool guy too. Tanks bolt through the tank through tubes welded in also throttle wire. Plates either side of engine simulate loop...
  10. XC204

    20" Tornado

    Got back from Denver yesterday got this today new ride for grandsons. Mini flattracker style maybe. Sent from my ADR6350 using Tapatalk 2
  11. XC204

    From one to three Manton & Smiths in a week!

    Got an unknown frame off EBay last week died some internet looking and some comparisons on the welded frame to my known Manton & Smith welds,seat & chain stay bends were identical the web search turned up a link to Western Tire & Auto Stores Silver Shield brand.....wait a minute I have one of...
  12. XC204


    What did i just buy? Manton & Smith Shelby?
  13. XC204

    New Wheel

    Check this out even looks pretty cool.
  14. XC204

    Shelby Flyer Charity Auction Build Done!

    Im going to do this one in a simple style like my Manton & Smith for The silent auction for the Elderday Center in Batavia Illinois. My wife volunteers there helping the oldsters that are in a day care program. The center has an annual wine tasting that my wife co-plans with another lady. I...
  15. XC204

    New from EBay what is it?

    \ }[/IMG] Just got this off of eBay no idea what it is.
  16. XC204

    Skipton was that You? ... 96121.html
  17. XC204

    Golden Co.

    Just got done meeting up with Tyler Stans of fun time seeing all his projects and stock of frames and bikes. A craftsman for sure. These are just a few of the frames he is working on. Sent from my ADR6350 using Tapatalk 2
  18. XC204

    Gyes Seat

    My seat rail on my MTB broke last week and I needed a new seat so I ordered up a Gyes from $59 plus reasonable shipping. Got it yesterday well packaged in a cloth storage bag in a good box inside another box. came with tools a tension wrench and an allen wrench and...
  19. XC204

    Adventure Bikes

    found these while surfing at lunch. ... ch-4-2013/ ... er-2-2012/ ... r-24-2011/
  20. XC204

    Another Colson

    Got this a while back and would like to find out what year and possibly models that would use this frame. Its going to be built up for a charity auction (ElderDay) an adult day care nonprofit org. A simple fenderless build PC frame custom headbadge new Skiptooth Leathers seat and 3spd or...