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  1. Pops68

    What is the best coaster brake, your opinions?

    What kind of grease do you use in the CB-E110 , first time to service this hub, thanks for any reply
  2. Pops68

    bike clubs around Atlanta GA?

    North of Atlanta and ready to ride!!
  3. Pops68

    Nexus Suicide Shifter

    The only bad thing about those HBBC shifters is you can't put any kind of shifter knob on them that has any kind of weight to them because it will pull apart from the shimano shifter part, can't tell you how many times I had to polish road rash out of one , I started using the project 346...
  4. Pops68

    26 Black Cruiser wheel set with internal 3 spd rear hub and shifter

    Well sure don't need frame I'm thanks but that's like giving me don't know lost words like giving me a wife lol something take all and what little money I got but I got 2 sets but both are in bikes I ride was and still might let one go but trying put a wheel deal together myself if that works...
  5. Pops68

    Felt Cruiser

    dont really have the room for anymore bikes til i get rid of some of this dang furniture that seems to be in the way, told the ex wife to take with her just dont touch my bikes
  6. Pops68

    Felt Cruiser

    Thanks very much 26x65 it is then
  7. Pops68

    Felt Cruiser

    if you don't mind me asking what size are the red wheels , i am doing one and don't know whether i should go 24in or 26in and 65mm or 80mm
  8. Pops68

    24” 3 speed wheel

    looking for the same wheels
  9. Pops68

    26 Black Cruiser wheel set with internal 3 spd rear hub and shifter

    I have two sets in black one with a HBBC shifter the other with the 346 shifter both sets are about well one is 4 months old the other about 6 to 7 months old have to check my paperwork would let one set go because I need 24in
  10. Pops68

    Wanted: GT Dyno Moto 7

    I got one but really never thought of letting go of it I am the second owner sitting in garage 24yrs with original owner, I just went through it top to bottom front to rear and this bike is like new he said he didn't even ride 50 miles and this bike told me the same thing, I'm actually riding...
  11. Pops68

    Where to buy cheap tires?

    I will be checking BMX guru out from time to time but I'd have to say my fav is Modern Bike they stock a lot of IGH parts and Andy is the best CS rep I've ever dealt with, but who would stock a set of 24in 3 speed wheelsets ?
  12. Pops68

    SOLD FELT CANVAS Frame Kit *Build-a-Kustom* NEW in Box (2 remaining) $140.00

    I want the one without flaw, how do I get up with you, not to far from you
  13. Pops68

    made in china

    Guess I missed all that, might have been taking a nap after a ride, and U2 who's that?
  14. Pops68

    Chain advise...

    I don't know about the KMC chains anymore seems that the quality has went south with their chain's lately
  15. Pops68

    made in china

    In order to build America we need to build it in America.
  16. Pops68

    Where to buy cheap tires?

    Just checked BMX guru out myself, I like it myself, thanks buddy
  17. Pops68

    SOLD FELT CANVAS Frame Kit *Build-a-Kustom* NEW in Box (2 remaining) $140.00

    Do you still have the one without the flaw? I am in Calhoun Ga. so no shipping I would come pick up if its available
  18. Pops68

    Schwinn?? Year?? Model?? Help

    Enjoy the beauty of it no matter which way you take it
  19. Pops68

    Where to buy cheap tires?

    Bike Tire Direct and The Bikesmiths. com , I use TheBikesmiths a lot they are a small family run business with good CS and prices
  20. Pops68

    Another bike finds its way back home!

    My Moto 7 serial number is WY07l0110, so I guess it rolled of the line right after yours