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  1. Bugdust

    Show me your trikes!

    I just posted all my trikes on The Trike Page on facebook. Here are a few
  2. Bugdust

    Little Rock AR area?

  3. Bugdust

    Wanted: MASA Slingshot recumbent trikes

    If you have one or know of one, send me pics, price, location and contact info. Any condition considered, part, project or mint, etc
  4. Bugdust

    JC Higgins tandem

    Any idea what this is worth? Would it be better to part it out or a whole? It has Schwinn seats, Columbia pedals, dry Allstate tires, headlights, taillight, part of a JC Higgins speedo . It rides pretty good but needs some love.
  5. Bugdust

    I. C. T. (Insane Clown Trike)

    Another one of my ongoing projects. It started as a Huffy "mountain bike". I stripped it down to the frame, ground off all the extra junk, threw on an old trike rear, stole some forks from a 16" OCC, added some 1" tubing to make them long enough, robbed a front tire & wheel off a junk Huffy out...
  6. Bugdust

    RRBBO13 The Roadmaster

    I'm new here but I figured I'd throw up my current project. It probably won't be finished by the deadline and it's nothing like some of the builds here. It's just some junk parts I have around the shop. The tires are new ones I bought a year or so ago for a different project. The chains are new...
  7. Bugdust

    Bugdust...northeast in Little Rock

    I'm a trike guy. I'm poor. I have a bunch of trikes and a few bikes. I'll post some pics as soon as I can get them hosted somewhere.