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    This bike features functional front and rear suspension and a feet forward seating position for superior comfort, even in the roughest post-apocalyptic road conditions. It started with a vintage exercise bike frame. XLR8 Build Thread.
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    BO15 XLR8

    I dragged this Exercycle exercise bike frame out of the woods. It'll be the base for this build.
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    1968 Double Diamond.

    This 1968 racer was pretty rough from sitting outside as yard art so it was a perfect candidate for a mild custom job. I've built it up in the style of a ship yard bike while making use of as many of the original parts as possible. It started out as this. After stripping it down I braced the...
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    1968 Double Diamond

    I just happened to be at the right place at the right time as someone was about to haul this yard art Schwinn to the dump. It's a 1968 Racer. It's covered in some sort yellow peel coat paint and the original paint is trashed so I think it's a good candidate for a custom job.
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    NC bill proposes bicycle registration.

    As far as I know this is the first time any state has proposed bicycle registration (rather than individual cities). No mention of what the registration tag will look like or how it will be attached to the bicycle. If you're in NC and have an opinion you might let your representatives know...
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    WTB: Four 26" trike wheels, cart type, worksman, etc.

    I'm looking for four 26" wheels with cartridge style bearing hubs for 3/4 axles. Found on trikes, sulkys, garden carts, hot dog carts, etc. Just thought I'd put out a feeler in the event anyone has some laying around. The heavier duty the better.
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    Before: Finished: This is a ladies Huffy mountain bike turned fixed gear 700c Motobike. Build thread:
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    RRBBO13 Pastiche (Painted, Sneak Peek)

    I'm going for a classic cruiser style build and I'll be using this huffy as a donor. I'm thinking about something like this.
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    WTB: Ugly and unloved frame.

    The cheaper and uglier the better. I'm ideally looking something that didn't sell at the swap, something that needs repair, has rust ,freeze cracks, house paint, etc. To narrow it down I'm not looking for diamond frames or ladies frames this time unless it's something really old or unusual and...
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    I'm pretty happy with how this bike turned out, although these last few days have been a mad rush to get finished on time. The build thread can be found here:
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    Skip-tooth Sprocket ID?

    Does anyone recognize this sprocket. It's likely pre-war. It came from a mismatched 28" westfield and was attached to a schwinn crank so who knows where it came from.
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    1891 (Scratch Built WBO2018)

    This build didn't get finished for BO12. To top it off photobucket ate my photos, so I had to deal with re-uploading them all. With a little luck I can get it finished this time. This is where I left off.
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    I was cutting up some scrap frames and remembered there was a build-off this time of year. This stuff could be reassembled into some sort of functional wheeled contrivance.
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    1947 Hawthorne "Mild One" (Pedals and stem done)

    I just received this frame today. I've been looking a while for a taller frame, so this was perfect. Don't expect anything wild, it's just going to be a simple OG paint bike. I threw on a few spare parts to start getting an idea of which direction I want to go with it. I kind of like it...
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    (MBBO#05 Class 2) 61' Special.

    24" Columbia girls frame conversion, 80's Huffy regatta mag sprocket, Flower print seat, 26" fork, 20x1.75 front, 16x2.25 rear Moped tire. Scrap pile build with zero budget. Build thread here.
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    (MBBO#05 Class 2) 61' Special.

    This is my first MBBO and without much to start with I'm just going to improvise.
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    Anyone found a source for Aerovane 26x3.0 tires?

    They're not marked anywhere that I can tell. Chinese origin no doubt. I like the classic tread, and no printed logos. Note the classic wallyworld de-raked fork.
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    That Old Wheel.

    "That Old Wheel" is sort of an anti-build. It cost nothing to build, doesn't use any fancy parts, and is supposed to look like it came this way. You can see poor excuse of a build thread here .
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    That old wheel

    This is going to be some low budget scrap pile picking welded together nonsense. I had all the parts saved for another bike, but it's an easy build (Boring). I'm building this specifically for the build-off, ideally with no budget and no parts purchased. So far I've got a free spirit frame and...
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    It's a chopper baby.

    The fork is on backwards, but it looks awesome!