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  1. Hooch

    Anyone remember me??

    Ha! I have pretty much been out of bikes the last few years but have been into the antiques game the last few years and today I get a call....come look at some bikes.... I now possess a 1937 Elgin Oriole with a new departure triple speed ;)
  2. Hooch

    the Danger bike

    i dont build many bikes anymore but we built one for the newbo art bike show in cedar rapids iowa on labor day weekend I started with an OCC chopper and a Harley Sportster rear tire
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  4. Hooch


    way back in the first buildoff I built a bike called Rosemary Rosemary was named after the wife of a man I got the bike from originally. she passed shortly upon me getting it and so I named it after her. now today 8 years later I get a call from the old man (LaVerne) telling me he found another...
  5. Hooch

    the beer truck

    been pretty much out of bikes lately and back into cars but this weekend is the NewBo Artbikes show so I decided to throw together a bike! started with a prewar Colson womens bike 15 tapper handles so far and a keg! time to mount the stereo tomorrow
  6. Hooch

    Sept. 2nd ARTBIKES 2012 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  7. Hooch

    Boyd Cobbletin Garage

    We are starting a new en devour! killer toys... cars.... bicycles..... trucks.... furniture.... anything! even clothing! $20 dollars shipped to your door anywhere in the US via paypal! small med and 2x are in gray and large and xl are white at this time!
  8. Hooch

    Patina Aguilera ....... new truck

    I picked up this cool 1960 International B100 we name Patina Aguilera aka Tina..... no paint will be harmed in the building of this truck. will get a new frame with airbags ...... rockers on the ground low :)
  9. Hooch

    Firestone Speed Chief

    I picked up this old Firestone from the guy who hot rodded it in the 1960s! Untouched in his moms attic since 1966! The amazing thing is he had all the original parts too!
  10. Hooch

    incase you missed it :)

    it wasnt a bike but it was alot of fun! Allie's Radio Flyer :) viewtopic.php?f=11&t=49680
  11. Hooch

    North of Grand's "I Still Believe." Christmas music video

    my great friends in the band North of Grand from Des Moines put together a music video promo for their song "I Still Believe." check it out!
  12. Hooch

    Allie's Christmas Hot Rod Radio Flyer wagon (Finished!!))

    a very good friend of mine Aaron and his wife had a baby girl a few months back and Aaron is into hotrods and customs owning a 54 chevy 210 and an old Studebaker pickup so for Christmas another buddy (Trent from Iowa County Customs) and I decided to build a wagon for Allie(I'm sure more for her...
  13. Hooch

    Ive been so busy lately (new Bike Hauler)

    this past year I have been re-bitten by the car bug with a new job building motors and now this winter I will be starting on my new bike hauler! 1947 International pickup. It will be along the lines of a finished street rod but with the rat rod vibe of odd parts thrown at it. a buddy will be...
  14. Hooch

    Cool custom bicycle find

    Somebody started some custom body work on the repro Columbia frame Looks like a 55 chevy!
  15. Hooch


    this is a project that will take awhile but I have acquired a couple pieces a early 1970s Tecumseh 3hp from the first weed eaters! and a sportster 16" whitewall tire! and ofcourse I will have to call it weedy!
  16. Hooch

    Monark Silver King

    I decided to throw some parts at this later chrome silver king frame today
  17. Hooch

    stuff new 10-2

    found some bikes!
  18. Hooch

    Southside Speedster

    i bought this speedster for a buck at an auction. actually i didnt know it was a speedster just a schwinn I saw the flamboyant green paint sticking out from the heavy yellow top coat and thought I would try stripper and a power washer. not alot left of the green but way better than the yellow...
  19. Hooch

    Art bike show this weekend!

    Getting ready for a show this weekend! sent from my awesome android!
  20. Hooch

    Rocket 88

    heres the build thread viewtopic.php?f=55&t=40302&p=426359#p393243