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  1. Kentuckykid

    36? Schwinn built American flyer

    Kinda cool. 4 speed Shimano hub. Nice rider.
  2. Kentuckykid

    From find to finish

    Found this Shelby flyer with plans to put OG parts on it. That didn't happen.
  3. Kentuckykid

    Craigslist find

    This is probably the best conditioned 1962 typhoon I've ever purchased. Its the 3rd complete one I've bought but I never seem to keep them.its my favorite Schwinn frame by far
  4. Kentuckykid

    Before and after

    So I found this cool Murray with peaked fenders. It was perfect for something I wanted to try. Boiled linseed oil.
  5. Kentuckykid

    Jag mark II

    1958 all original jaguar mark II. Horn works. Great OG paint. $525 shipped to lower 48.
  6. Kentuckykid

    New rat rod

    Just got done with this one over the weekend. A few changes and some fresh grease. Rides like a dream