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  1. handyandy1100

    "Mountain Bike" tires?

    I am not an off roader, so bare with me please. I am fixing up an old Fuji mountain bike like thing for my son. He rides about half his time on unimproved forest trails and on streets around town. I'm trying to find tires that could work either way. Looking at these Schwalbe Land Cruisers and...
  2. handyandy1100

    Pre-skool Chopper

    This little 16" chopper started out as a throw-away Huffy I picked up with two other little "mouse" rods a friend was going to throw away. It's mostly of old bike parts, hardware and plumbing items. Amazingly, with the lift from the 26" fork, the little bike now uses a kick stand form a 24...
  3. handyandy1100

    Pair of Del Sol Tradewind bikes.

    Got these two bikes today for $40 each. Main reason I wanted them was for the Nexus 3 speed coaster wheel sets. I think the wheels will be great on my Spaceliner and Monark (Huffy) Thunderbird. The Del Sol's have aluminum frames with kinda cool retro styling. The man's bike is especially neat...
  4. handyandy1100

    Exercise bike stand

    I keep buying used stationary bikes to get more exercise, but they are all too uncomfortable to use. Nothing like being on a real bike, so I decided to get a bike trainer stand and build my own exercise bike to use in the new year. I sold the idea to my wife saying I could use one of the ladies...
  5. handyandy1100

    Question about ThickSlicks

    Been debating between putting a set of 26x2.00 ThickSlicks on my Monark (Huffy) Thunderbird or some similar sized whitewalls to better fill the original fenders than the stock sized 26x1.75 tires. My question is, does the white lettering on the ThickSlick appear on both sides or on just one...
  6. handyandy1100

    Pre-School Chopper

    Won't be a real old school chopper, but I will be taking styling queues from old school sickles to do something with this freeby 16" Huffy BMX-ish bicycle. The size charts say this size bike is for 4 to 8 year old kids. I started on a 20" Huffy convertible at 5 and rode it until 8 or 10 or so...
  7. handyandy1100

    Rust in Space

    Spaceliner... One small step for Murray, one giant leap for all spacebike kind. Rust in Space is a late '60's Sears Spaceliner. The name is a takeoff of "Lost in Space" as I could not come up with a clear plan for the build. I felt lost. So I let the bike guide me in how it wanted to be built...
  8. handyandy1100

    Future "mouse" rods?

    Here's the three little guys I grabbed with the Fuji Folder. Thinking the two best ones will get spruced up and donated. The last one just might be fodder for the 20" and under Build Off, if it actually happens this winter. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  9. handyandy1100

    Fuji Folder

    A fellow at church has been after me to come look through the pile of old bikes he has to see if there's anything I can use before he takes them to the dump. Today after church I followed him home. Picked up three 16" kids bikes that looked pretty good to fix up for the church's fall yard sale...
  10. handyandy1100

    What's the difference between 7/8" and 7/8"?

    An old school Wald stem will fit in the seat tube on my old Huffys, but if I take the end of the seat post that's supposed to fit a 7/8" seat clamp it doesn't fit. 7/8" handlebars don't go in either.13/16" seat post just fall right in. Measuring the end of the post that fits in the bike frame...
  11. handyandy1100

    Digging those Good Vibrations

    Picked up this Huffy Good Vibrations today for $30 as a source of parts to get my Monark (Huffy) Thunderbird running. The bike turned out to be a gem. It looks like it has very low miles on it. Once I get what I need for the Thunderbird off it, the rest is going to be saved for a future project...
  12. handyandy1100

    Huffy-built Monarks???

    Picked up an early '60's Monark Thunderbird this past weekend. I know it was built by Huffy and is basically a Monark in name only. I was wondering if Huffy used specific serial numbers for Monark production and specific numbers for Huffy, or were they all lumped together and it was the luck...
  13. handyandy1100

    '60's Monark (Huffy) Thunderbird

    Saw this one on FB Marketplace this afternoon and snagged it right up. From what I can decipher online. The serial number (4H138160) means it's a '64 Huffy-built Monark T-Bird. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  14. handyandy1100

    Repaint or Dip a Bike?

    Thinking I want to repaint my Townie. If I could just peal off the decals I probably would be satisfied, but they are under the clear coat. Maybe find something close to the original color. Then again, as I keep taking it down the hot rod bobber path, I think it needs to be a darker color...
  15. handyandy1100

    The Crimson Haybailer!

    Guitarl Carl's Build-Off entry, the Thunderbolt Grease Slapper derives it's name from an old Saturday morning cartoon featuring Tom Slick. In like fashion, this bike also takes its name from a vintage Saturday cartoon, the Crimson Haybailer from the Wacky Racers. It's a '72 Ross Deluxe. Ross...
  16. handyandy1100

    Handlebar Stretcher?

    I know I read on this forum about using different stuff to add an inch or so to the ends of handlebars to increase the overall width of the bars, but for the life of me I can't type the right stuff into the search to find it. I know there's wood dowels and pieces cut from old bars, but the one...
  17. handyandy1100

    Ross Flightliner copy?

    Saw this on FB Marketplace a couple days ago. Thought it was a Sears Flightliner or another Murray version of the Flightliner. Thought it would be a good sidekick for my Spaceliner. Closer inspection of the FB ad revealed it to be a Ross. For $40 I figured why not. With the reflector pedals and...
  18. handyandy1100

    Spaceliner weirdness

    I've noticed this odd little bracket at the bottom of the head tube. There is one on the down tube that the original "7" tank attached to, but I can't see what this other one was for. I've noticed it in pictures of some but not all Spaceliner bikes I've seen online. Even with the original tanks...
  19. handyandy1100

    Rust in Space

    Rust in Space, the rat rod version of Lost in Space. I have been lost trying to figure out a theme or even a name for this bike, a rusty, crusty late '60's Sears Spaceliner. I have run the gamut of ideas from a retro-futuristic Jetson's-like theme to rust bucket '60's muscle cars. Still don't...
  20. handyandy1100

    Modifying old saddles?

    With all the different bicycle modifications on this site, I wonder if anyone has tried what I am thinking of doing. Relocate the mounting holes in a seat frame to move the mounting point forward. I have used lay back seat posts on most of my bikes but in this case the simplest means to scoot...