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    1960-Something Huffy Corvair. Thoughts, value, etc???

    I have an opportunity to pick up a girls Huffy Corvair from the 60s. It appears to be complete. I'm going to post some pics shortly but in pretty decent shape with all original parts including working dual headlight, is it a good deal at $150. ??? Any input would be helpful. I'm scheduled to...
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    Kids trike build off

    Like radio flyers, etc... I think this could be a fun build off.
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    This bike has inspired me to want to eventually make a rat rod cruiser with a 1950 cadillac theme trike. I'm only currently on my first rat project which will not have any fabrication done to it. Anyways, how cool and fun would it be to take this thing for a cruise. #HEADTURNER
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    Not So Sexy at 60

    Im not sure yet on the make of the frame :? but I bought the thing for 60 bucks. :D It came as is, as shown in the 1st pic. There is so many layers of paint I cant make out any serial numbers and there isnt any type of manufacturer plate on it. :( .... I am going with the black and white...
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    Rat Pack-Phoenix, AZ Based but all of AZ

    This is just an idea right now but I am looking for people in Arizona, not just Phoenix, who are interested in being part of a club. My idea is The Rat Pack. A group of Rat Rodders who get together and work on projects, cruise the town, daytime, nightime, whenever. Bar hop on our rats, go to...
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    Tempe, AZ

    Hey, I'm Justin. I just recently started my first rat rod project. Picked up a 26" cruiser stingray style project bike for $60. Ive had a interest in vintage cruisers ever since I was a kid when my dad had a 1950s columbia cruiser that had the key lock and horn tank. I was talking to him...
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    Anyone in Phoenix, AZ

    Just looking to see who is in Phoenix, AZ or any part of the valley. Currently working on my first rat rod project which should be done with in the month. Trying to see if there are any clubs or groups out here. Ive done some searching on google but havent found anything so I wanted to see if...