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  1. bear bear

    mbbo bike? Iverson?

  2. bear bear

    Huffy muscle bikes

    Show me them! Here’s mine. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. bear bear

    huffy muscle bike chain guard FOUND

    Im new to the forum so i don't know how to dm or pm if someone could tell me. anyways, does anyone have a huffy stack chain guard or older rail type guard. 25. thanks! its going on this miss america/ gypsy
  4. bear bear

    60s ? mens murray cruiser

    any body know what this is? not mine listing only 1 pic
  5. bear bear

    bike clubs around Atlanta GA?

    is there any?
  6. bear bear

    old muscle bike. any ideas on brand/model?

    saw this bike listing a while ago any ideas? murray?
  7. bear bear

    hello! i like bikes

    hi i have been working on bikes for a while now. i mostly work on muscle bikes. here is one i just fixed up i (before pic ill post after later) have been looking on this forum for a while and im very exited to join! :bigsmile: