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    Blue Bomber Finished thread

    here's my finished build, it was my first ever build i see some things i'd do differently but i learned a lot and had a lot of fun building it. here's my build thread. photobucket is not working for me at the moment but i'll get the finished image up in a minute...
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    Schwinn lil chick

    A number of years ago my dad donated a few bikes that weren't ridden by my sisters anymore. They were supposed to be fixed up and given to a local child in need of a bike. However the owner of the bike shop passed and the new owner didn't do anything with them. This one got shelved and sat for 8...
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    (MBBO#05 Class 2) "blue bomber"

    I'm going to use this i think as my MBBO entry. it's a good starting point.
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    Western flyer build.

    I picked this guy up a couple days ago and just got to tearing it apart and stripped for paint and a sick rebuild. I'm not sure the year, if someone could help me pinpoint or at least ballpark the year that'd be great. Thanks in advance.
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    I'm Travis

    hello my name is Travis I'm from astoria oregon and this is the start of my build on my blue bike. i would like to lower it a little, get a layback seatpost, make it multi geared with hopefully drum brakes. not sure if i want to do fenders yet or not but we'll cross that bridge when i get...