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  1. chopperbob


    Here's my free bike off of Facebook market place. Think monster coach, 60s show rod style, Barris TV car vibe.
  2. chopperbob

    dumpster shot finished

    Here it is
  3. chopperbob


    Here's what I started with dumpster find cranbrook.
  4. chopperbob

    chain guard

    Need not good enough to restore flaming stack or solid stack
  5. chopperbob

    chrome look paint

    Best chrome look spray paint
  6. chopperbob

    u.f.o muscle

    Im gonna try class 2 with this thing.
  7. chopperbob

    out for a ride at biltmore estate

  8. chopperbob

    some of my bikes so far

    My mountain bike My cranbrook
  9. chopperbob

    n.c. new guy

    Hi guys im 48 just getting back into riding and trying to build